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Miami High’s Secret Spot

These are some examples out of the many hangout spots that Miami High has. (Photo Collage by Magdiel Gamez)

As usual, you see yourself hanging out in your regular spot where you tend to always hang out during free time in school, but sometimes there can be situations that can prevent you from comfortably hanging out in that certain spot.  

   This leads to spots that can be more secretive than others.  10th grader Juan Ramos states, “I stay besides the stairs in a small corner on the second floor outside building 1 close to the gateway between 1st, 3rd, and 4th, because I can just stay there and relax, and it also makes me feel comfortable as well.” Being comfortable within your own surroundings and environment can help you create a better feel for yourself and put you in a more positive mood. 

   Some hangout spots are clearer than when first seen, and a great example is what junior Angelo Pedro said. “There is a spot that can be seen but where people hang out which is within the circle of the benches near 3rd building,” he said. This can explain how some spots are more obvious than others, yet not many people have the idea this spot can be a comfortable spot for them. 

   Sometimes, others can switch it up and head towards a spot they rarely head towards. This is what sophomore Jack Pontides tends to do “I usually hang around my friends in the morning heading to school,” he said, “but sometimes, I would go to the parking lot because its faster and I don’t have a car to park or drive to school in.” This describes a certain scenario when before school, some people tend to have their hangouts outside of school to show how flexible they are. 

   In a way, hangout spots can’t only be where you stay at. Sometimes, they can also be your hobby throughout your free time in school. Sophomore Alex Diaz states, “I don’t really have a hangout spot. Most of the time, rather than hanging out at certain spots, walking around the school is more of my hangout spot.”  He believes that doing things during your free time can be considered a form of hanging out, and it’s his way of doing it every day in school. 

    Unfortunately, every hangout spot can’t always be good as some have drawbacks, but sophomore Rubi Ortega disagrees with this. “No, I don’t really see any drawbacks within my hangout, because enjoying my friends’ company is enough,” she said, “and we could be in complete in silence and it’s still nice to be with them.” This could also show the importance of having others around you that can make hangout spots matter greatly by having those close around you. 

    Everyone has their way of enjoying their own space and it can also express their characteristics as well, and deciding to hang out there can sometimes be a huge responsibility. Junior Skylar Torres elaborates, “I feel like my environment around the places I hang out with the person I’m with helps me feel more comfortable and safer.” Hanging around people you feel close to or comfortable with can also benefit you better and connect with that individual depending on the environment you’re in during that time. 

   Another example can be seen with senior Brandon Alvarez, who said, “There’s one spot near the baseball pit, and another one near the fountain upstairs. I go there because it gives me memories of my past and it helps me focus on myself better by rethinking over my mistakes.”  

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