Miami High’s Alumni Teachers


Alumni Ms. Munguia graduated with the class of ’05.

Imagine walking the halls of the high school that you graduated from. You are not a student anymore, but a teacher. Many teachers at Miami High are alumni. Attending this school has brought them the best memories and has changed the person they are outside the classroom.

English teacher Ms. Puig, talks about how Miami High has even had an impact on her family who all graduated from here. “I even married my high school sweetheart from Miami High,” she said.

“I feel at home here,” says head football coach Mr. Rosales. “We are all family here.”

To English teacher Ms. Berrios, Miami High means family and opportunity.

For Ms. Rivero, the school’s activities director, Miami High means “tradition, family, unity, and a good place with good vibes.”

For CSI Instructor Mr. Miranda, Miami High is a place with a long list of alumni and influential people.

Some came to Miami High by choice, while others came because it was their homeschool. “It was where we lived so I had no choice,” stated social studies teacher Mr. Waldo Rodriguez.

On the other hand, Ms. Berrios said, “My homeschool was Coral Park, but I applied to the Teaching Magnet here, and got accepted.”

Miami High holds a special place in some teacher’s hearts. English teacher Ms. Rodgers cannot imagine herself graduating from anywhere else. “Coming to Miami High helped mold me into the person I am today,” she said.

Some of their best memories were made here. Ms. Rivero remembers fondly how she was part of the cheerleading team here at Miami High.

English department chairperson, Ms. Suarez said “Miami High was a big part of my life in high school, with memories from countless hours of service with BETA and going to Lakeland with the basketball team.”

From the homecoming parade, football games, and forming great friendships, Ms. Rodgers says that coming to Miami High created many great memories.

Mr. Rosales’s best memories include winning the district championship and the Dade Country Championship his senior year in 1991.


Ms. Munguia now teaches Algebra 2 at Miami Senior High.

To many alumni, the Miami High of their youth has quite changed over time. Mr. Miranda states that this school now has many students that are different. “There’s more cultures presented and ethnicities,” he said.

Mr. Waldo Rodriguez remembers in his time there were mostly Anglos and Cubans here at Miami High.

Ms. Puig says it was a tough place when she was a student. “I believe the students now are better behaved,” she said.