Go BETA Or Go Home!

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Go BETA Or Go Home!

BETA members after their performance on Homecoming day.

BETA members after their performance on Homecoming day.

Photo by MHS Yearbook

BETA members after their performance on Homecoming day.

Photo by MHS Yearbook

Photo by MHS Yearbook

BETA members after their performance on Homecoming day.

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Raise your swords to the Knights of Black and Gold! The Beta club is taken very seriously here at Miami High. It’s no surprise that their members roam these halls with their heads held high. Established at Miami High on November 12th, 1954, Beta’s mission has always been to promote scholarship, spirit, academic excellence, involvement, and good citizenship.


What makes Beta Great?

There must be a reason for all the buzz about Beta, and many people want to know what drives a Stingaree to become a Beta Bee? In order to join Beta, you must have a 3.0 GPA.

The club has some of the finest students in the school; there are currently 204 members in the club and that number continues to grow.

Beta members will tell you that from the moment you walk into the Beta room (3302), you can feel the spirit and commitment in the air. Sophomore David Andrade stated, “They take serious commitment into everything they do and treat you, from day one, like family.”

Similarly, junior Jonathan Navarro said that the one thing that makes Beta great is the overwhelming interest in their members. “They are always trying to engage and involve their members,” he said. “That’s their main priority.”


Why did they join?

For junior Yaneisy Dampiel, it was the energy the club has. “It makes me feel like I’m a part of something and not just put aside. I feel great about being a member,” she said. “It’s the best decision I made my freshman year.”

Some people had another club in mind and realized they made the right decision when choosing Beta. “I was actually convinced by alumna and English teacher Ms. Berrios and the Huecks to join. I had another club in mind, but joining Beta was the best decision I could make,” said junior Valentina Molina.

Sophomore Gabriella Vallejo wanted to join because she was new to the school and came late in the year. She was looking for a place to belong and she felt most welcomed there. She stated, “I love being a member. I get to take part in something bigger, and I am constantly meeting new people and having fun while doing it.”

Junior Nelly Alvarado stated, “What made me want to join Beta my freshman year was the vibe and the fact that it’s an honor club, and I thought it’d be a great opportunity to be a part of it. Being a Beta doesn’t make me better than anyone, but it does make me special.”


Room for Improvement?

Although many members are happy with Beta, some members believe that the club could be better than it is by adding a few things.

Senior Emily Davila would like the club to sell more Beta merchandise to the members. “Sometimes Beta members would like to show off their club,” she said, “so having a sweater or a jacket would be nice to represent who we are.”

Junior Daniel Rodriguez believes that the club would be better if more people joined.



   It’s one of the most important events celebrated here at Miami High, and Beta doesn’t play around when it comes to Homecoming. Winning first place overall consecutively for the last five years, Beta has proven that they go big or go home.

Beta President Carlos Moreno was very proud of his club and the overall effort of his members. From walking in the parade to dancing and float building, he was very satisfied with the final score on his final year here at MHS.

“We were amazing,” said Beta advisor Dr. Hueck. “It was a very long two months preparing, but in the end, it all paid off. Everyone who took part stayed dedicated no matter what went on.”

Senior Anisleivys Gil, who has been a member since her freshman year and had never danced in the parade before this year, said, “It’s my last year in high school and I really wanted to make memories. Homecoming was a headache, but in the process of it all, I managed to meet some amazing people that changed my life. Everyone managed to get through the struggles we had, and it was a complete success. We kept our name in first place and will hopefully keep it there in the upcoming years.”

Junior Gamalier Garcia said, “This year’s Homecoming was the best yet. We’ve won for five straight years and we’re not losing anytime soon.”

Junior Ingrid Espinoza Hueck said, “The float for this year’s Homecoming was amazing! They used those two months to prepare for the parade wisely and completely surprised everyone at Miami High. Beta totally deserved first place in the parade.”


“Once a Beta, Always a Beta”
Once a Beta, Always a Beta, a phrase commonly heard by Beta members, stands true to many. Beta alumni believe that being a member taught them a lot and enhanced their high school experience.

English teacher, Beta alumna, and former Beta President Ms. Berrios stated, “Being in Beta allowed me to develop my leadership skills. Leading the club for two consecutive years prepared me for the leadership opportunities that presented themselves while I was a student at the University of Florida. I don’t think I would have been capable of being the Multicultural Greek Council President at UF if it weren’t for me being Beta president while at MHS.”

Another teacher who came to Miami High and was a Beta member is English teacher Ms. Puentes, who said, “Becoming a member of Beta was the first step in my immersing myself into leadership. I learned the importance of loyalty, hard work, and dedication. The lessons I learned as a member of Beta still form and shape me today. I can truly say it was one of my best high school experiences.”

English Department chairperson and Beta alumna Ms. Suarez said that Beta introduced her to new and amazing people who she would’ve never met otherwise. Being a member taught her to be responsible and manage her grades.

“Beta changed my high school experience completely!” said Beta alumna Janet Rivas, who graduated last year. “I became super involved with school, and grew to love Beta not as a club, but as a huge family.”


Do you know BETA?

  • What GPA do you need to have to be in Beta?


  • When was Beta established at Miami High?


  • What room is the Beta room?


  • How many years in a row has Beta won first place in the Homecoming Parade?


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