All About Alfred


Photo by Mayisha Perez

Alfred has become more independent here at Miami High.

You may have noticed him walking the halls of Miami High with his cane and assistant by his side. Or even working hard in class with the help of his Braille keyboard. Alfred Cardenas, a sophomore, is a blind student, though that doesn’t stop him from accomplishing anything.


Visually Impaired

Alfred doesn’t consider himself much different from other kids. Nevertheless, he realizes that he overcomes more challenges than other students in school.

It has been quite a struggle for Alfred to fit in with others. Talking to other kids is most challenging, he explains. “Sometimes they don’t know how to treat me,” he said.

Being blind has completely changed Alfred’s lifestyle. He’s had to adjust to his surroundings much differently than other people, by using Braille and walking with his cane. In the end he finds it all worth his while because it has taught him to be more independent.

Another advantage of being blind, he said, is that it has helped him connect with other people who also have disabilities. Alfred

is able to help and motivate other kids with disabilities because he understands the challenges that they face.


Life at Miami High

Alfred likes being a Stingaree. He said that since there is a large percentage of kids that are friendly in Miami High, it makes it easier for him to avoid problems and to make friends. “I feel comfortable talking to kids here at Miami High. Many are mature and easy to approach,” he states.

Miami High has had a positive effect on Alfred. “I’ve become more independent, such as talking to my teachers myself and getting assignments done on time, and overall, fitting in like any other student,” he said.

Like any student here at Miami High, Alfred is interested in joining clubs and getting involved. “I really want to join the drama club,” he said.

Alfred said that his most memorable moment at Miami High was when he won an award during a ceremony for his achievements. “That moment was a total surprise,” he says.

Yet, he’s come across hard times in high school, as well, such as taking the Algebra 1 EOC. “I didn’t pass,” he said. “It was a very difficult test.”


Personal Life

Alfred Cardenas was born in Venezuela on December 7, 1998. He was raised there until 2007 when he moved to Miami with his parents. He is the youngest out of three other siblings that still live in Venezuela.

One important aspect of Alfred’s life is his family. “My mom and dad have been by my side to help me in school and teach me right from wrong,” he said. He is glad that his parents don’t babysit him as much because he knows that sooner or later he will become completely independent.

He was homeschooled all throughout elementary because of the amount of surgeries he had. He began regular school in W.R. Thomas Middle School, where he learned what it felt like to be in a school environment. “It was quite a challenge, but I began to learn how to read Braille there,” he said.

In his free time, Alfred loves to sing, act, and even dance. In the future he hopes to become an actor and/or director.