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Miami High’s Paint-A-Can 2017

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If you’ve walked down the halls of Miami High, chances are you’ve seen the colorful trash cans outside almost every teacher’s door.

On, August 11th, SGA hosted Miami High’s annual Paint-a-Can, an event when all the clubsand sports teams come together to decorate trash cans which are then displayed around the school. This school year 50 organizations showed up to the event.

Miami High’s SGA hosts many events like Paint-a-Can that allow students to interact with each other and create new friendships. “I think students that aren’t that socially involved should attend events like these because it will give them a taste of what it’s like to hang out with people you wouldn’t necessarily talk to if you saw them around school,” said senior Jennifer Casanueva.

Junior Enrriet Leiva said, “Sometimes when you’re in a club, you forget to actually get involved in certain activities, so this event could give you a chance to get involved within your club.”


Paint-a-Can, which was a long-standing Miami High tradition, was discontinued for some time and officially brought back in 2012 by SGA advisor Ms. Puentes and SGA’s president at the time Harold Lopez.

This event gave many club members the chance to see their friends that they hadn’t haven’t seen at all during the summer. It also provided them with a fun event before school started.

“The best part of Paint-a-Can was seeing the results of how pretty all the cans came out after everybody finished,” said SGA 2nd Vice President Natalie Mandado.

Senior Kedrick Chirinos liked getting to listen to good music and having chill time with all his teammates from soccer.

Although painting a can with your friends might sound like fun, there were also some downsides.  “Most of us weren’t informed that it was recommended to bring your own paint because the paint they were providing was limited, and that they only had certain colors, so that was tricky,” said senior Virginia Marrero.

S.G.A. officers Alvaro Espinoza Hueck, Nataly Cancio, Natalie Mandado, Brianna Rodgers, and Elizabeth Astacio at the event.

“The fact that the event took place in the teachers parking lot was hard because the heat was too much. Everyone was pretty much sweating the whole time,” said senior Chelsea Palma.


Junior Nestor Zuniga said having to wash away all the paint on your body and clothes was definitely was the worst.

Besides the students who attended, there were many that couldn’t attend.


Senior Gina Martinez didn’t get to go because she was visiting her family in Honduras. Senior Jonathan Sosa didn’t get to attend because he was at baseball practice.

Overall for those who could get to Paint-a-Can it was a great time. Class of 2019 president Amanda Echavarria said,

The Miami High News team’s can.

“I loved Paint-a-Can because it’s a day that allows my officers and I to get to know each other better and learn how well we work together,” she said.

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