New Art Murals


Senior Rolando Herrera adds the finishing touches to his vibrant orange-and-black painting of Naruto

As you walk through the first building, have you seen groups of students painting? You’re watching Ms. Lee’s art students in action, who have been beautifying the school with new art murals over the past few months.

According to Ms. Lee, there are 10 new murals in total, with 3 still being worked on as of May 30, as part of a school beautification project. “They are very good works,” she said, “and they truly showcase the students’ ideas.”

Senior Rolando Herrera has been working on a mural for 6 weeks with several other students. He appreciates that the project has allowed him to be creative. “I wanted to make something that stood out and was different,” he said. “It was a challenge, but I’m proud of how it turned out! Working on it as a group makes it feel easy and comfortable, especially since I can get constant feedback.”