MHS Varsity Cheerleaders

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MHS Cheer Team at practice

Miami High’s Varsity Cheer Team has a new crew on deck! They are “Out with the old, in with the new,” said co-captain, Lauren Solar. Their Coach Alex has been training them rigorously to shape the new team into a stunt-capable squad. Their captain, Ashante Strawder, has it all: spice, spirit, and skills. The team is excited to perform at future football games to flaunt their hard work. Sting Pride and leadership is what they are all about! Other team leaders are co-captain Angeline Morales, an 11th grade cheerleader that transferred from the Coral Gables cheer team, treasurer Nelissa Herrera, who was a past B&G dancer, Secretary Yasmine Chavarría, a second-year cheerleader and their historian Mia Alonso. Their freshman tryouts will take place from August 29 till September 2nd