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Homecoming 2018: The Tradition Continues

By Amanda Echevarria, News Editor

January 7, 2019

In most places, homecoming is the annual one week tradition in which a school welcomes back its alumni to celebrate their school experiences. Here at Miami High, where homecoming lasts approximately 1 month, it is much more than that.   The Tradition At Miami High the work to produce homecom...

GOOOO Ms. Berrios!

By Andrea Nolasco, Staff Writer

October 17, 2018

      She’s not just any regular alumna; she also made it to the Miami Senior High School Hall of Fame in 2008. Her name is Isamara Massiell Berrios, who just recently graduated with a master’s degree from FIU. She loves to teach, not just because it’s her job, but because sh...

Feeling Presidential

Cesar says

By Gina Martinez, Copy Editor

December 20, 2017

  Cesar Flores is F.E.A. President, a member of Beta, a Silver Knight applicant, and part of the Law Magnet here at Miami High. Surely, we’re bound to see nothing but great things from this spirited individual. Academics By the time Cesar graduates, he will have taken 8 AP classes: Sp...

Dazzling Daymee

Daymee shows her BETA pride at the Club Pride game on Friday, September 16th, 2016.

By Ariel Trueba, Staff Writer

September 26, 2016

You might find her in the dance room spinning her flag with the Color Guard, or with Ms. Diaz de Villegas planning something for the Gay Straight Alliance (G.S.A.), or being creative with the National Honor Society. Daymee Sanchez, a junior, currently serves as the Stingarettes Co-Captain and G.S.A....

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