Feeling Presidential


Cesar says “In the future I see myself as a successful attorney working in the justice system, possibly getting into politics.”

By Gina Martinez, Copy Editor


Cesar Flores is F.E.A. President, a member of Beta, a Silver Knight applicant, and part of the Law Magnet here at Miami High. Surely, we’re bound to see nothing but great things from this spirited individual.


By the time Cesar graduates, he will have taken 8 AP classes: Spanish Language and Composition, Spanish Literature, English Language and Composition, English Literature, Psychology, Biology, Macroeconomics, and Government. Because of this, he will be named an AP Scholar by College Board.

His most challenging class is AP Psychology because “the course is very rigorous and requires a great work ethic as there is lots of homework,” he said. His favorite class is any US History or government class because social studies is the subject he’s most passionate about.

Cesar recalls that if he wouldn’t have attended Miami High, he would have gone to Coral Reef because it’s the top high school in Miami-Dade County. He decided to attend MHS because he went on a campus tour while an 8th grader at Shenandoah Middle and “fell in love with the architecture of the school and the school spirit.”

For Cesar, the best part about being a Stingaree is “knowing that you’re walking the halls of a legendary school rich with history and spirit that has produced so many successful people in our world today and will continue to do so for generations to come. 


Whenever Cesar isn’t studying for his next AP test, he can usually be found in the FEA room. “I remember that I decided to join FEA because at the time, I was a freshman and wasn’t a part of any club and I was curious to see what it was all about.”

He went from being the Treasurer to President earlier this year. He said, “I decided to run because I’m very passionate about the club and its purpose.” He has won multiple awards in Public Speaking in FEA-based competitions at the district and state level.

He is also very involved when it comes to community service. He said, “Our duty to give back to our community for everything it gives us and putting others above ourselves makes us better people.”

Cesar is also participating in the Silver Knight program. His area is social science and his project consists of donating school supplies, medical supplies, and clothes to impoverished areas of Honduras.

“No one ever tries to help out with the extreme poverty in Honduras so I decided to step up and start sending donations to try and put a smile on people’s faces,” he said.

Although Cesar is currently a member of Beta, he used to be in other major clubs as well. However, he decided to leave because they didn’t suit the kind of person that he is. 

Personal Life

Cesar Flores was born in Miami on May 6, 2000, and has two younger sisters. His family is from Honduras, something he takes pride in. He attended Kensington Park Elementary and Shenandoah Middle School.

Cesar is a soccer aficionado and enjoys playing and watching it in his down time. He also likes to read books about politics and being with his girlfriend, Samantha.

Future Aspirations

When it comes to his life after high school, Cesar wants to go to college and major in political science to become a lawyer and change discrimination problems in the U.S. He wants to some day attend Harvard or Yale because of the prestige. In the future, he sees himself as a “successful attorney working in the justice system, possibly becoming a judge and getting into politics.”

Cesar has people that he looks up to including English teacher and FEA sponsor Ms. Berrios and former U.S. President Barack Obama. He looks up to Obama because he came from a low-income family, is a minority, and even though he faced adversity, he became successful, going on to graduate from Columbia University and becoming U.S. President.

Cesar considers himself to be quite evolved since his freshman year. Before, he used to skip class, not focus on his grades, and not care to be involved. But he realized that he wanted to get into a good college and make a name for himself so he changed his ways. The advice he would give to underclassmen is to “not skip and take care of your GPA as if it’s your baby.”