Life of Kaylyn


Kaylyn has felt insecure for a while. This is one of the few photos where she felt confident.

By Anderson Cabrera, Online Editor

Kaylyn Gamez, sophomore at Miami Senior High, has gone through pain and sorrow and still faces those challenges on an everyday basis, but she still cares for others. She enjoys that feeling and lives life with no regrets.

Caring for others

Kaylyn likes to care for her friends, because her friends have a big impact on her life. She was raised to care for people, and to her it doesn’t matter if people hurt her. She still cares about what makes her happy which is to care for people.

Kaylyn said “because you don’t know why they’re acting like that or know what they’re going through.” She enjoys making people feel good because it makes her feel great when she knows she made someone’s day better. It’s never affected her in a bad way when she let’s people vent to her, because she enjoys listening to others and being there for them.

Personal Life

Kaylyn used to live with her mom, but now lives with her dad. Kaylyn’s father is proud of her, but she doesn’t know how her mom feels about her. Kaylyn believes that she will be successful if she keeps trying hard and doesn’t give up.

Faith, one of her friends who is a sophomore in the school, says she worries for Kaylyn at times. “Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t love herself enough and she has been through stuff,” said Faith.

Feelings towards school

Kaylyn’s motivation towards school is a result of her friends and family that encourage her to do well. She enjoys being a Miami High student but feels that the school is basic because she finds it boring, and it’s all the same every day.

Last year was her first and most chaotic year. A lot of the reasons were the hate she had towards teachers and students for the way they treated her. One of the teachers in the school that has impacted her the most in a positive way is her technology teacher Mr. Ricknauth. “I can open up to him even if he’s not a counselor at the school,” she said.

Her issues with anxiety

Kaylyn’s anxiety has impacted her personal life, and she feels that it gets in her way. Her anxiety started to become a problem in 8th grade, 3 months after school started. She was on medication for 3 months, but it made her feel bad. She copes by opening up and writing her feelings down, but most of the time she can’t focus on anything important.


Fun Facts About Kaylyn: 

– She skates

– She spoils her friends with goods

– She dyes her hair a lot

– She loves to shop