Coach Govea’s Journey


Coach Govea during a basketball game.

By Joshua Guerrero, Staff Writer

Coach Govea is a good coach and he’s the head coach for Miami Senior High’s basketball team. He loves to help young athletes with their game. His job makes him happy because he is coaching a sport he has loved since he was a little kid, and he loves seeing the impact he makes on his players’ games.


Coach Govea played basketball when he was a young kid in New Jersey. Basketball was his favorite sport to play. His favorite subject was Social Studies/History because he was good at it. He states that he had a happy childhood mostly because he played basketball with his friends at school and all around his town.

Life before coaching

Coach Govea stated that he was a history teacher before coaching high school basketball but the job he wanted to pursue was actually becoming an immigration lawyer to help people out with their problems. What made him want to teach history was that ever since he was a kid, he liked history and was always interested in it, so he liked to teach students about history. He enjoyed teaching but he enjoyed coaching basketball more for the love of the game.

Life as a coach

Coach Govea chose to become a coach because he wanted to coach a sport he enjoyed watching/playing since he was a kid so that meant a lot to him. He states that discipline plays a huge role in coaching because being disciplined in anything you do is a good thing, and in basketball if you’re disciplined, your team and yourself can be better.

His record as a coach is 150-77, and his record @ Gables was 83-35. Before that, his record @ North Miami was 53-33. His record this year @ Miami High was 14-9.

He stated that one thing about coaching is that it takes the most time is watching/studying film on teams and players. He also states that the hardest thing about coaching is “showing players where their water is but not making them drink from it.” This means he can show his players their potential and how great they can be but it is them that must work hard for it.

Point Guard club

Coach Govea decided to start a Point Guard club to bring young athletes out to teach them and grind with them so they can be good. The goals for the Point Guard club were to help young athletes with their game to improve and help them to become a better leader and point-guard. He started hosting the Point Guard club in 2006 at one of his old schools. The club improves players’ game by knowing plays, being disciplined in what they do, and learning the ins and outs of a great point guard.

Things I didn’t know about Coach Govea before the interview

  • He coached at North Miami High School

  • He was a history teacher

  • He’s from New Jersey

  • He has a young daughter

  • He speaks English and Spanish