This is PlayBoi Carti

Playboi Carti’s style is influenced by vampire movies and Lil Wayne inspired him to freestyle all his raps. Source:

By Jafet Cerrato, Staff Writer

   With music easily accessible on so many platforms, it is easier for students to listen to music on their phones wherever they go. Many people have opinions on which musician is best or who are their favorites.  

    Playboi Carti is a rapper who gets a ton of love for his music. “Playboi Carti deserves a high rank as a musician as he’s loved by so many fans, and he is one of the most influential artists of our time with his aesthetic,” says sophomore Jesus Duenas.  

   Sophomore Josue San Miguel says, “Playboi Carti is at the top of the music industry as he is one of the top artists with a large fanbase that supports him.” 

   Playboi Carti’s real name is Jordan Terrell Carter. He is 25 years old, from Riverdale, Georgia, and 3 of his albums have gone gold. According to an article titled “Origin stories of names and rappers from the SoundCloud era- XXL Mag” <>, “In 2011, he was going by the name Sir Cartier, a “moniker that stemmed from his allure to the opulent thigs in life. He changed his name to Playboi Carti in 2013.” Playboi Carti also loves classical movies. 

   Playboi Carti has people who look up to him every day. Sophomore Luis Hernandez says, “Playboi Carti has influenced me in positive ways: I hear a song of his, I get excited and hyped. Playboi Carti has also influenced the type of music I like and listen to.”  

   Sophomore Alex Orellana’s favorite album is Die Lit, but he cannot decide on a favorite song as all of them are enjoyable. What has kept him listening and idolizing the artist is the way his style cannot be seen anywhere else in hip hop, “so it ended up sticking with me.” 

   Playboi Carti does not focus on the lyrical aspect of rap but focuses more on using his voice as an instrumental feature which can lead many people to enjoy his music especially with his newest project, Whole Lotta Red, which dropped in December 2020 and rapidly became one of Playboi Carti’s most popular albums as he grew a huge number of fans.  

   In an article titled “Playboi Carti: Whole Lotta Red Album Review” posted on the website for Pitchfork magazine <>, “Playboi Carti takes an endless supply of bright and serrated beats and packs them together, end on end, so that the album seems to careen wildly toward an unknown destination.”  

   People tend to get experimental with their musical taste and try finding new things to listen to. Playboi Carti is an artist that people might listen to as his music is talked about worldwide. He has also made songs with many other famous artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator, A$ap Rocky, and this can lead people to enjoy his other songs. 

   Attending a Playboi Carti concert is an intense experience as there is jumping and shoving everywhere, and if you fall or trip, it could lead to great pain and injuries. Junior Steve Maldonado, who has attended one of Playboi Carti’s concerts, says, “The whole crowd was screaming, jumping, laughing, and were all having an enjoyable time as everyone went crazy for his songs.”  

Did you know Playboi Carti….

– Worked in H&M

–  Played basketball growing up

–  Favorite movie is The Lost Boys

–  Favorite artist is Spitta

–  His lucky number is 5

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