In Touch becomes major force in its first year

By Brooke Martinez, Staff Writer

   In Touch president Jose Caballero reports that during the 2021-2022 school year, In Touch managed to receive the attention of a bunch of students, and even more positive feedback. The club’s merchandise was a tremendous success. Jose states, “I love to see our members and even teachers wearing their In Touch shirts at school.”  

   In Touch provides a safe place for many students. One of their biggest activities this year was their “Student-Led Ted Talks.” These activities were so successful in getting people to arrive that they had no other choice but to meet in the school’s auditorium. These Ted Talks were different from their other activities because they “had a significant impact on our students as adolescents can share their stories with strangers in a welcoming setting without the fear of being judged,” said Jose 

   In Touch, which began officially during the 2021-2022 school year, did not have any setbacks, other than some uncertainty. Jose thought the club would be something small amongst him and his friends, “but it ended up being one of the most influential and authentic clubs at Miami High,” he said. 

   A club is impossible to maintain on your own, and Jose had a wonderful group of people around him to help. He wants to specifically thank seniors Juda Castillo, Rolando Morales, Norka Alarcon, and Alondra Vega. Jose says, “Senior officers undoubtedly played a crucial role in keeping In Touch alive. Their dedication and contribution to the club made this year a success.” They were always there for him, and they attended every single meeting and activity. Jose does not think he would have been able to do it without them.