From Booker T. to Miami High

The photo expresses how moving schools can cause anyone to have some level of anxiety whenever youre transitioning from one school to another.

The photo expresses how moving schools can cause anyone to have some level of anxiety whenever you’re transitioning from one school to another. Source:

By Magdiel Gamez, Staff Writer

Every year, a brand-new student fresh out of middle school goes to a new school community known as high school. This new stage of life can change how a person grasps the world and how rapidly reality can set in once a singular change has been made. This is a story about when I was a young teenager finishing middle school, which is where my development began.  

    After graduating from Jose De Diego Middle School, I felt immediate sadness. Leaving middle school meant leaving and missing my friends from long ago. However, that soon changed when I arrived at Booker T. Washington high school (BTW), which was also nearby my former middle school. Over time, I met many people that inspired me and motivated me to become the person that I am today.   

   For example, my old friends back from middle school helped me feel more comfortable at BTW.  Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity to be part of an event or club from BTW because that was when Covid-19 spiked. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed that first-year experience in Booker T. Washington with all the new friends and teachers I met throughout that year. One of them was a teacher that mainly piqued my interest in drama; his name was Mr. Goodman.  

   Long after my first year at BTW ended, my 16th birthday was right around the corner when my mom came home and gave me the news, “You won’t be staying in Booker T. Washington anymore.” I was shocked at first, not knowing how I was going to abandon my friends and teachers so suddenly after having a huge connection with them. Every day after that indelible moment, I felt my friends slowly fade away like a morning dream. In late August 2021, I spent my last few days in Booker T. Washington as I told all my friends about my moving to Miami High, including a friend that I had known ever since elementary school.  

   This took a huge toll on me, knowing that I might never see my old friends again over a single-handed decision my mom made. The next week, I left Booker T. Washington in the middle of class. Everyone looked at me, including my childhood friend. I got into my dad’s car, and we immediately headed to Miami Senior High School.     

    As I took my first ever steps in Miami Senior High, the amount of anxiety I felt was unimaginable, knowing how I knew nobody from this school. At first, I didn’t enjoy how gigantic the hallways were. I imagined it would be more of a struggle trying to enter class to class every period. Just as I was about to enter the office to receive my schedule, I noticed these groups of kids walking around in the hallways. Judging by their appearance, I knew they were 9th graders since I overheard one of the kids talk about their 9th grade reading teacher. It felt odd knowing how mature these freshmen were compared to the freshmen that acted like they were still in middle school back at Booker T. Washington.  

    Nevertheless, I just went on my day by heading to my 5th period class since this happened around first lunch. Eventually, I arrived to class. The door was open and the teacher asked me if I was new to the class. My classmates stared at me as I sat down in an empty seat. I realized how similar the class was compared to Booker T. Washington except there was a bigger classroom of students. I got used to every class period throughout the day, and I also learned how to get around Miami High later on.  

    But most importantly, I realized I had theater as my 8th period, a class I was desperately wanting to be a part of, but I never had the chance to due to Covid-19 being affected during my 9th grade year at Booker T. Washington. So, I used this chance as a perfect option to get to know acting better by participating in one of Miami Senior High’s plays.
     It was a successful route since I managed to become a highly demanded character that most people wanted to act. In short, this character was named “Future”, from the show, “The Christmas Carol”. It was a fun experience that I never had the chance to have during my freshman year in Booker T. Washington. Secondly, I learned more skills during that performance.  

    Overall, the many teachers and friends I met and talked to in Booker T. Washington were fascinating, but the variety of activities and events at Miami High did affect me more on a personal level than Booker T. ever did. Thus, I believe being in Miami High isn’t so bad after all knowing that I learned more skills that’ll help me exponentially in the future that’s ahead of me, a future that may seem overwhelming for most people, but not this person.

Recommendations About Moving Schools

Prepare children for a new school by involving them in the process of choosing and moving schools.      

It’s great for children to keep memories of their old school and stay in touch with friends after leaving.  

Get children familiar with a new school by visiting it before the first day if you can. 

 Make sure children have the right books, clothes and equipment for the first day.