All about Mr. Pavon


Mr. Pavon has been teaching 2 years at Miami High

By Angelyn Fernandez, Staff Writer

   Mr. Pavon is a hard-working, focused, and responsible teacher at Miami Senior High School. 


Growing up  

   Mr. Pavon is an Algebra 1 Teacher. Born in Miami in 1996, he attended FIU and the University of Florida. Two things that he has accomplished which give him pride are becoming a teacher at Miami Senior High School and being able to be the first in his family to graduate from high school and college.  


Algebra Teacher  

  “Teaching Algebra is really exhausting, but it’s really fulfilling,’’ said Mr. Pavon. He really likes instructing students and being able to work with them. Mr. Pavon has been teaching at Miami High for two years. His first year of teaching was rough because of Covid-19 still going on. His favorite memory from Miami High is was last year’s Homecoming Parade because he never had a chance to experience one before. 

   Mr. Pavon likes getting kids who do not understand anything about math, so he will be able to help them. He would like students to know that “They’re not bad at math.” Mr. Pavon sometimes plays music while teaching because he believes it helps him and his students to focus. 


Life Outside School 

  Besides teaching at Miami High, Mr. Pavon is a private tutor for science and math and is also a research assistant at the FIU.  

    He likes to play video games, to go to concerts, and to travel, mostly to Disney World and Busch Gardens. Mr. Pavon is not an enthusiastic sports fan. He used to love to run, but sadly, he does not anymore. 


His Favorites Things  

  In his free time Mr. Pavon will always have his Airpods on him. His favorite song is “Magnets” by Disclosure Lorde. He really likes this song because it was the first ever concert he had ever been to.  

   He used to love pizza but sadly found out that he is allergic to it. Mr. Pavon’s favorite show is Naruto which he has been watching since he was little.  

    His favorite teacher at Miami High is science department chairperson Dr. Hueck. Mr. Pavon likes “The energy and the attitude” he gives.