Jose Castillo and his Journey in Miami High


Jose Castillo and GSA’s historian Mia Olivera representing GSA in the club fair.

By Andre Rodriguez, Staff Writer

   From a wide variety of clubs Miami Senior High offers, it may be difficult to choose one that will interest you. A club that is sure to capture your interest is GSA, a supportive club that accepts everyone for who they are. The president of the club, Jose Castillo, finds a way to manage his club and home life simultaneously. He is a unique individual who has a lot to offer as a classmate, friend, and president of such an important club.  

 GSA President 

    GSA is a very modern club and carries an important message about acceptance. Regarding its members, Jose states that they are the life of the club, as the more members there are, the more enthusiasm it holds. Jose mentions that GSA is very compatible with other clubs, and that they even plan on collaborating with some in the future.  

    For homecoming, Jose hopes that GSA proves that they are back as a club; they were planning to do a performance and banner. “As the president of GSA,” Jose states, “I am more than willing to go out and deal with documents and forms every day.” Homecoming and general club rosters are part of these daily form revisions. 

    Jose helped to make sure that GSA was represented in the pep rally that took place at the start of the year. Student Government president, Thalia Benoit, who is also GSA’s second VP, was chosen to open and host the event. Jose states that Thalia did a great job as the main speaker.  

    In addition, GSA did amazing in capturing the club’s spirit. GSA officers also helped by making sure that members, who were willing, had their face painted to show pride and enthusiasm for who they are and what they represent.  

    Mr. Cuevas, GSA’s club advisor, helped at the pep rally by making sure that everything the club had planned was successful. Finally, Jose says that GSA exceeded his expectations in the pep rally by having more members than they anticipated. 

 Moving on  

    Jose will be graduating from Miami High this year, but he has plans to leave a foundation for the future of GSA. He hopes to establish that GSA is more than just an interest club, by making the club well known for its large community and safe space. “ 

     My goal is to have at least fifty active members,” Jose states. “That’s a big goal, I know, but I think that we can get there.” Having at least fifty active members will create a more active and prominent voice for GSA, giving the club more relevance within the school.  

    Regarding the club’s first VP Lloyd Busto, Jose knows that he will do great in managing the club next year, as he is passionate and understanding of such sensitive topics. Jose also knows that Mr. Cuevas will still do his best in supporting GSA even after Jose graduates. 

 Maintaining balance  

    Apart from managing GSA, Jose must balance his school, home, and extracurricular life. He spent all four years at Miami High. While his first two years were boring, as COVID-19 halted plans for his sophomore year, junior year was the year he really started dedicating work to Miami High.  

    During junior year, Jose knew what it was like to have school and club spirit, and how it was to be a part of one. These opportunities allowed him to have as much fun in school as he is having now.  

    His least favorite high school memory was his freshman pep rally, mainly because he got booed. However, Jose now gets to boo freshman this year, which is one of the reasons why his senior pep rally his favorite activity.  

    Jose’s family life is peaceful. He credits them for shaping him into the organized and responsible person he is today. His two cats and three dogs also test his responsibilities. His pets and family are very invested in what he does and are more than happy to assist him in his club duties. Teachers at Miami High, like Mrs. Guerra, have also talked about supporting his club responsibilities.  


Meet the GSA club officers and members: 

Advisor: Mr. Cuevas  

President: Jose Castillo   

Vice Presidents: Lloyd Busto  and Thalia Benoit 

Secretary: Lance Weston 

Treasurer: Luca Passalaqua  

Historians: Sergio Gonzalez, Stacey Sabater, Mia Olivero, Magali Sosa  

If you are interested in GSA, make sure to pass by Mr. Cuevas’ office or join the GSA remind: @bc977a