Do you know Mr. P?


Mr. Pimental on his wedding day.

By Esteisy Gonzalez, Staff Writer

    A new teacher arrived at Miami High in 2021, with little to no experience when managing a class, but he did it.  Mr. Pimentel, also known as Mr. P, captured the hearts of many students in just his first year of teaching. Even if he’s surrounded by students during passing time, he will greet everyone in a nice, mannered way.

Mr. Pimental and his bride/now wife.



Life as a New Teacher 

    Being a new teacher has its challenges. When the pandemic ended, many students had trouble socializing again. Mr. P was just a new teacher, so it’s not like he knew how to communicate with students like a teacher with years of experience would. However, he tried his best.  

   His first time teaching he claimed to be nervous and excited, but he tried becoming a person in whom students would find comfort and trust. Mr. Pimentel said the faculty at Miami High were very helpful and always helped him when he sought advice, and for that he is grateful. Last year, students gave him that little push that encouraged him to continue his life as a teacher. 


Popular with students 

    Building a relationship with students can be complicated. This was the case for Mr. P, or so he thought. To his surprise, students quickly took a liking to him. Maybe there was something about his personality, or his charisma, which he kept hidden within him.  

   Mr. P’s motto is “to treat others the way he would want to be treated”. This might just be the way teachers should think when communicating with their students, as it can encourage students to behave more and have more respect for teachers.  Mr. P believes students tend to have more fun when the subject itself is fun.  



  Mr. Pimentel loves Honoria; in fact, he’s the club adviser. He loves how passionate they are and how they are “A small loving family”. He encourages students to join Honoria as it can help them build their communication skills and even make long lasting friends.  

   Every Wednesday after school the Honoria club has a meeting to share important news, and upcoming events. They are very accepting. If you are a freshman without GPA, the Honoria club invites you to come and learn more about them so that you can be an official member once you enter sophomore year.


Life Outside of School 

   After school Mr. Pimentel goes home where he rests, plays video games, watches TV, and enjoys some great family time with his new wife with whom he got officially married in October of 2022. His favorite thing to do with her is cook.