Ever Heard of Henry Jean-Simeon?


Henry has gotten more than 5 sacks in just under 2 year of playing football.

By Mia Gomez, Staff Writer

   Miami High sophomore Henry Jean-Simeon is both a dedicated football player and a very bright student. 

School Life  

    For Henry, his education is very important. Since he is in various sports, he must maintain good grades. All through middle school and high school, it’s been a challenge for him to not talk to people during class and keep his interest in a certain class up. “Holding back my excitement towards football and focusing on class is very hard for me too,” said Henry.  

    Some of his favorite school activities are football practices after school where he gets to play his favorite sport while simultaneously being able to spend time with his friends that are also on the team. “It’s always a good time for us, and after we always end up picking up food at Burger King,” he said. 


Growing Up  

    Henry’s childhood played a significant role in who he is today. Growing up, he had a lot of hardships which have now shaped him as a person and helped him mature. He said, “I enjoyed my childhood because in retrospect, it feels like a really bright time in my life.” Another thing that was important while growing up was his relationship with his mom. This is because she faced a lot of hardships but managed to overcome them which gave him a brighter look into his future. “My relationship with family in general is strong and healthy and I am very grateful for that,” he said. 


Athletic Life 

    The way he got into sports was “a sign from God,” he said, because his plans were never to join football. However Big A, security at MHS, convinced him to do so. “Being in the MHS football team is not as good as I thought it would be,” Henry said. “However, I did have a great experience this past season.” He says being in different sports can be hectic, but he has adapted and found a way to work through it.  

    Henry describes himself as a sports addict and he loves the feeling it gives him. “Every time I play sports, the voices in my head disappear,” he said. One sport he would like to join is boxing because he enjoys striking people in a fun way.  


Goals and Accomplishments  

    Some of Henry’s goals include getting the Heisman Award in college football as well being able to buy a car for his mom and start a life with his own wife and kids. “One of my biggest achievements is getting 5 or more sacks playing football (sacks are a specific move in football),” Henry said.  

    Something he does to try and achieve his goals is limiting the people he talks to and focusing all his attention on his goals. “My goals are definitely realistic and achievable because of God; however, I don’t feel proud of any of my goals because I believe I can achieve more,” he said.  


Fun Facts about Henry: 

  • He is an all-honor classes student 

  • He went to Jesse J. McCray for elementary school 

  • He would like to join kickboxing 

  • He is a big believer in God