Get To Know Thespians Vice President: Diana Gonzalez


Thespian Vice President Diana Gonzalez.

By Mayson Mendoza, Staff Writer

  Walking through the halls of Miami High, you pass hundreds of students every day and don’t think twice about who they are and what makes them special. Thespians Vice President Diana Gonzalez is a senior you have to get to know in order to see how great she is.  

School Life 

   As the Thespians VP, she couldn’t love it more. She’s been active in it since her freshman year. She originally joined Thespians because since seventh grade, she’s been obsessed with drama and theater, and when she went onto high school, she immediately signed up.  

  She says that for her favorite teacher it would be a tie between her theater teacher, Ms. Fernandez, and her AP Research teacher, Mr.DeNight.  Having to manage school as well as having  a personal life is stressful for her. She says that she won’t even notice she’s stressed until her body shows physical signs of it. When she would be stressed, she’d take it out on her friends and family.  

Personal Life 

     Outside her busy school life, Diana enjoys being able to relax and just read a book, watch a movie, or spend time with her friends. She deeply regrets not trying harder in school in her freshman and sophomore years. She feels if she had tried harder, she would have been less stressed about college and not having a good enough GPA. 

    Her life growing up was good, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Her parents split up when she was seven, and she hasn’t been able to see her dad too often since he lives all the way in New York, being only able to visit him in the summer or winter.  When she was younger she always wanted to do figure skating but didn’t because her family didn’t have enough money for it. She’s the closest to her mom and views her as a friend she can talk to about anything.  

Goals and Influences 

  After high school she hopes to go to England and study at the University of Bristol. In order for this to come true, she’s been working hard at getting her grades up and studying for her SAT and ACT. She wants to be a historian and her second plan is doing theater.  

  Most people would say that the biggest influence in their life is a parent or sibling. However, Diana believes she’s her own biggest influence. Having to raise herself, she always did what she had to and pushed herself to be better.  She loves her honesty and how if you asked her opinion on something, she wouldn’t lie to you.  

Advice to other students 

  Diana’s biggest advice is to always check your options. For college you don’t have to stay in the country. If you want to travel to another country for school, there are other places that may be a better fit for you. She said that nobody ever told her about these options so she had to take it upon herself to do it.  

Fun Facts about Diana  

  • She’s a Capricorn. 
  • Her birthday is January 10. 
  • Her favorite food is pasta.  
  • Her favorite color is pink.