Performing Sports


By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer

   Multiple sports are under appreciated because they are not highlighted. However, Dance, Color-Guard and Cheerleading are not only under appreciated, but they are also not considered sports. But why? 


Performing Arts, a Sport? 

   Art in sports? Yes, it is a thing! Many people are narrow-minded when it comes to sports that involve art. Dance is one of those performing sports. 

    Miami High has their very own “Blue & Gold Dance Team.” They perform at pep-rallies, winter shows, and at boys’ basketball games. Co-captain Lilian Dieguez, a second year B&G dancer, says, “Many may not consider us a sport because it is not a game with a win or lose situation. Dancers are not always competing. Dance can be a performing sport where it does get scored, but not the same way that basketball, football, tennis, or golf gets scored. Dance is about emotions, passion, technique, and artistry. Hence, the lack of consideration of this sport being hard. People do not see the behind the scenes of our blood, sweat and tears going into our performances.”  

   Lauren Solar, a second year Miami High Varsity Cheerleader, says that they practice every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They practice very rigorously to keep the crowds on their feet. They love being able to try new stunts and perfect routines. They practice so that they can participate in school pep rallies, shows, and other school gatherings.  

   Mia Olivero, a former Majorette for Miami High’s Color-Guard team, says that they would also practice whenever they needed to perform at pep rallies. They would have sectional practices on Thursdays, as well as practice with band on Mondays and Wednesdays. 


Benefits of Partaking in Sports 

    Participating in sports is seen as a method to get “fit.” However, participating in sports is much more than getting fit. People also join a sport because of popularity—yes, it does improve your “status.”  

   There are also some educational benefits. Lindsay Huete, a first year B&G Dancer, said, “Dance has given me the opportunity to start looking for colleges that offer scholarships for dancers or performing sports.”  

   Being part of a sport allows one’s body, mind and soul to be developed. People like sports because, like theater, they are a venue for emotional expression. The sport provides an escape from real-world troubles and provides participants a sense of belonging and connection to a wide world.  

   Mayrin Fernandez, a current majorette, says that she enjoys her sport because she can express herself and relieve herself from stress. Similarly, first year cheerleader Samantha Lopez states, “I feel in tune being a cheerleader. It’s an escape from all the classes that I’m taking. People should be appreciative of my sport because it’s a lot of physical and mental work to cheer people on, especially athletes in those sports that people love.”