The Mystery Behind the Library


Inside MHS Library

By Esteisy Gonzalez, Staff Writer


     The Miami Senior High library, a mystery to many. Students ask questions like: “Can we go in?” “Are we allowed to?” “How does it look in there?”  

    Some students know about the library because they tested there; however, the number of people who have tested in the library is just a few. The library is often locked, and students only get to see it from the small door windows. 

     “I mean look at how big the school is. There are plenty of hangout spots. For once let’s have a place where we can actually do work in,” said junior Amber Santos. 


Helpful resource 

     When teachers are absent, most of the time students do not sit quietly and do homework. They often spend time together as a group and chat all class, which is fine, but for the students who have work to do, they find themselves seeking a quiet place. Having the library available to students would help solve this issue.  

    “It would help students, as it would be a quiet safe place to work on class work, as some of us like our peace and quiet,” said Zamanta Torres, a junior. Senior Fatima Morales stated that she would like to use a computer to finish an essay or to print something. 

    The students needthe library. Jobanni Mejia a sophomore, made a point about the economic circumstances some students may face. “I think it aids many students in the academic field. Having money issues can be a communal problem, so having a library to provide computers or even a book to check out is a great virtue,” he said. 

lots of options for books!


The principal wants the library open 

    Miami High Principal Mr. Valdes said that he will be more than glad to open the library. Although the exact date has not yet been decided, the probability of it happening is high.  

   “At the moment,” he admitted, “the library is not available for students. Since there has been a lot of testing going on, it has complicated thingst.” 

   Maybe it will open after winter break, maybe not. Principal Valdes said that it would probably be open during lunch.   The final decision has not yet been made, and there could probably be some changes made later on.  


Library hours 

    It is logical for a library to stay open, right? Jobanni, Zamanta and Fatima all agree that the school library should stay open all day as it would not make sense to close it. Jobanni would like to have the library open from 6 AM to 4 PM as it benefits students to get work done before class starts, in case they forgot to do an assignment or after school in case they need to get homework done and do not have a computer or printer at home. 

   Mr. Valdes, however, pointed out though opening the library at 6AM is a great idea, we don’t currently have a librarian that could supervise students at that hour. 


Hangout spot? 

    The main concern is whether the library would be respected, and would it be used for study purposes only? A way to prevent this situation from happening will be by monitoring the library and making sure no one is interrupting someone. Junior Amber Santos believes the school library should be respected to serve its purpose.  

   Mr. Valdes said, “If it opens or when it opens, there will be an adult to prevent the library from being used as a hangout spot.” 


Sign the petition! 


    Junior Isabel Cardella and sophomore Zander Truy have created a petition to open the library; however, they only have about 130 signatures and they need about 70-100 more. They are kindly asking for your help to sign the petition, so that it can be brought to  administration. For more information you can go to room 1401 and talk to Ms. Yanelle Perez during 1st lunch or passing time.