Detroit Become Human


By Edwin Cruz, Staff Writer

   Detroit Become Human is an amazing game that starts with three great main characters named Kara, Conner, and Markus, who are androids who escaped their owners. Each android has a different story that all connect to each other, and any choice you make in the game can lead to a different story and ending. The main story is that humans treat androids terribly, so Markus wants to make a change and give all the androids freedom. Once you get the ending that your choices lead up to, you can play it again and get different endings and play the different characters like Kara and Connor 


Things I thought were good  

    The greatest thing about Detroit Become Human is that this game has 40 different game endings. Another thing is the many different minor characters. For example, my favorite is Hank, who is Connor’s lieutenant reasons. I like Hank because of the funny interactions he has with Connor.  

   Another great thing is how long the game is, and the many times you can replay it and make different choices. One more thing I thought was good was how all the characters’ stories are connected. Make one wrong choice and it changes all the choices for every single character and makes for a remarkably interesting and amazing story.  


Parts of the game I thought could be improved  

      Nevertheless, there are a few things that could be improved. I feel like some of the choices that they give are kind of dumb choices, that just do not make sense and some choices could have been made better. For example, at the beginning of the game you are Connor, and it is a hostage situation, and your only options are to shoot the person holding the hostage or to tackle him off the building, which causes you to die. That’s just dumb.  

   Another thing that could be improved would be allowing for more interaction with some side characters and with some vehicles. It would make the game much better and make the experience more amazing. 


Games sales  

    Detroit Become Human is an amazing game, and the sales prove it.  According to Wikipedia this game sold 6.5 million copies worldwide, and for it only being a story game, that is insane.  When it released on May 25, 2018, it sold 3 million copies. If you do the math, this game made 180 million dollars on its first day. For a first time series, that should tell you how great this game is. 

    Detroit Become Human is a big story game and has lots of different endings, 40 to be exact, and the most common ending, which 72% of all the players got, is with Kara being saved from decommission after getting captured trying to cross the Canadian border.  

   On top of the 40 endings, there are six secret endings, my favorite being when Connor gets replaced by the rx900, a better, smarter, faster android that makes Conner’s current model obsolete, so he ends up getting destroyed. I really like this ending because his newer model looks like a Ps5 console replacing an old Ps4. 


Comparing similar choice story game 

    When I think of Detroit Become Human, I can think of three similar games: The Walking Dead, Batman Telltale and Minecraft story mode. All these games are great, especially The Walking Dead Telltale. It has a extremely long story. All of them are long and they all have tons of characters. One thing I could compare with these games is how good the story is. The emotion you get from playing and finishing one is insane.  

   Another thing I could compare is how their main characters are all fighting to survive. For example, Markus is fighting for his and all the androids’ freedom, and in Batman, he is fighting to protect Gotham, while Clementine is fighting to survive the zombie apocalypse.  


My overall review  

   If someone were to tell me to rate Detroit Become Human, I would rate it a solid 9.2. One reason it is not a ten out of ten is because I felt there was not enough story. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a really long and amazing story, with lots of characters. I just wish there were a little bit more. But overall, this game is a masterpiece, a must-play game. It also got the award for Best of E3 at Game Spot’s Best of E3 Awards’ and was nominated for best Ps4 game and best adventure game.  


Detroit Become in game characters – Human actors  

Connor- Bryan Dechart 

Markus- Jesse Williams 

Hank Anderson- Clancy Brown  

Kara- Valorie Curry 

Daniel- Ben Lambert