Get to Know the Kind-Hearted: Fatima Reyna


One of Fatima’s quince pictures

By Keilly Martinez, Staff Writer

Fatima Reyna is a sophomore at Miami Senior High School. She’s a kind, outgoing, and smart person and also part of the Medical Skills program.  



Fatima has chosen to study for a career in medicine and is looking forward to learning more about the medical field, illnesses, and the human body. She wants to succeed in the medical program for the National Youth Leadership Forum that she will be attending on June 25th  in Washington, D.C.  Her ideal work-life balance is challenging herself daily, trying new things, and succeeding. 



As a little girl, Fatima Reyna enjoyed playing with princess heels and a beauty kit for children. She loved the Stitch movies so much because they made her laugh and because he was kind. Her favorite childhood memories were trips to Aruba with her entire family.  

Not everything was perfect in her life though. She had struggles with her parents and their relationship. Fatima’s advice for kids is, “Always be yourself and don’t listen to what other people have to say.” 



She enjoys reading, writing notes, and cleaning. Her siblings and her health are the two things she is most grateful for. Her goal this year is to join a sport and raise her grades as much as she can. Fatima describes herself as “extremely chatty, bossy, and petty,” but she is also kind. Her friends, parents, grandmother, and boyfriend are the most important people in her life. 


Life outside of school 

  When she is not at school, Fatima can be found taking care of her younger brother and cleaning her room. On Saturdays, she helps her mom by looking after her little brother and cleaning the whole house. Sometimes thinking about her weight makes her struggle a lot at home. She deals with it by distracting herself. 

      For her, time alone is great, while mean teachers at school are the worst. However, her motivation comes from seeing her grades drop in school.  


    4 Facts About Fatima 

  • She loves sushi 

  • Her favorite thing is doing her nails 

  • Her birthday is on March 17 

  • Favorite color is pink