Romances in High School

By Mia Gomez, Staff Writer

   In high school, we begin to create new experiences and freedoms that we may have not had before. Some of these experiences could be trying out for sports, taking different classes, and figuring yourself out, or entering your first romantic relationship.  


Do high school students benefit from relationships?  

   Students believe that there are many benefits from being in relationships at this age. Sophomore Hazel Morgan said, “High school romance has its pros and cons. Having relationships gives you the opportunity to discover what you want in a significant other, as well as what to look out for.”  

   Sophomore Jose Garcia agreed. “If you stay in a high school relationship, you’ll be able to grow and learn together,” he said. 

   On the other hand, having high school romances can be problematic. Based on personal experience, if these relationships fail, that can cause many problems within yourself such as trust and commitment issues or feeling unworthy and insecure. “Bad experiences can lead to a lot of issues with your future relationships. They can make you think that wrongs will repeat themselves,” said sophomore Allison Figueroa. 


Effects of High School Romances 

   Many students have had high school dating experiences. Some bad, some good, and these experiences can affect them in different ways. “My experiences have led me to find what kind of person I like, how I act and react to them, and how I feel about being romantically involved with others,” said Hazel.  

   Allison, who is currently in a relationship, said, “My current relationship is affecting me positively because I have grown as a person, and I feel much happier.”  

   Not only are there good experiences in high school romance, but there are also bad ones that can affect people greatly both mentally and academically. High school dating can stress students out. Students already worry about their grades, their GPAs and college decisions. Having to additionally worry about a relationship can easily be as draining. “While I was in a relationship, I had to worry about final exams as well which led to a lot of stress and eventually breaking our relationship up,” said Jose.  


Ever Witnessed a Friend in a Relationship 

   Many students see their friends go through relationship after relationship and can get an idea whether it is good or bad. “I saw my friend slowly become more depressed as her relationship was falling apart,” said Allison. “It had a great effect on her, and she would disassociate herself from everyone whenever there was an issue. This not only affected her but everyone around her as well.”  

   On the other hand, some have seen their friends change for the better. I have seen a significant change in my best friend ever since she got into a relationship. She is more secure in herself and just overall seems to be happier.  


Parent Opinions on High School Relationships 

   Parents usually have strong opinions about dating or don’t really care. Hazel’s parents do not mind her being in relationships and dating.  

   On the other hand, Allison says, “My parents care very much and set a lot of rules I have to follow to be in a relationship, one of them being that whoever I am with has to meet my parents.”  


Facts about dating in high school 

  • 14% of teens are currently in a relationship they consider to be serious with a boyfriend, girlfriend or significant other. 


  • 5% of teens are in a current romantic relationship, but do not consider it to be serious. 


  • 16% of teens are not currently dating but have had some sort of romantic relationship