Do You Know About Jason Dominguez?


Jason in his football gear.

By Angelyn Fernandez, Staff Writer

  At Miami High, sophomore Jason Dominguez is a hard-working student and football player. 

The athlete 

     In his first year of high school Jason was part of the football team. His dad made him join. Jason also joined football to be able get a scholarship to college.  

Jason’s football position is defensive tackle and defensive end. He also wanted to try a new sport, and he ended up liking it.  

   His favorite memory from being on the football team is when he first played against Columbus.  Jason said ,“The game was the first game in our play offs it was round 16th, and many of our teammates quit the football team so I had a big chance of getting in the game and I actually did on special teams. It was a lot of pressure, but I got through it. We lost but this is only the beginning.”   

   The hard part about football is the pressure the coach puts on him. But best part of being on the football team is that he has learned “not to give up.”  

   Jason does not only play football.  He also plays many sports such as soccer, basketball, boxing and wrestling, but he does not play them for the school. He likes playing these sports because it is his happy place and helps him forget about all the negativity going on. 

Early childhood 

    Jason was born on April 15, 2007.  One of his favorite birthday party memories is when he and his cousins flipped a bouncy house. Jason’s childhood was like a roller-coaster. There were a lot of difficulties in his life, but overall, it was great. 

    The happiest moment in his childhood is when he went to Honduras for his first time. Jason was scared when he first got there, but he eventually got used to the place and was happy to be with his grandma and family.  

   Jason’s life has changed significantly. When he was a kid, he did not have to worry about anything. He would always imagine his adult self being muscular with a beard just like his dad. He is now focusing on his future goal, which is to graduate from high school. 

Life in school  

   Before coming to Miami High, Jason attended:Auburndale Elementary School and then Ponce de Leon Middle School. His favorite subject is choir because he has always wanted to learn how to sing and now, he is a good singer. 

    On his first day of high school, he was terrified, confused, and lost because high school was a whole different world to him. Jason is planning to graduate high school with a high GPA. After high school he is planning to get a job at Publix. As for his academics, he is planning to go to Miami Dade College and then Harvard University where he wants to study for an architecture or engineering degree. 

Life outside school 

     Jason has many hobbies, drawing, playing video games, and watching movies. His favorite video game is FIFA, and his favorite movie is Kung Fu Panda. In his free time, he likes to listen to any type of music except country music.  His favorite TV shows are “SpongeBob” and “Ninja Turtles” because they bring him memories of his childhood. 


  • He is an Aries 
  • His favorite ice cream is Cookies and Cream 
  • His favorite color is purple