The Cats at Miami High


From the top Rocco, Sammy, Fred

By Mia Cordero, Staff Writer

    Here at Miami High, there are a variety of people attending our school. Some are cats, which are very loved by many. 


   According to Principal Mr. Valdes, it all started 5 years ago, when one cat came into the school and decided that Miami High was going to be her forever home. Ever since, she invited some of her friends and now Miami High is home to 3+ cats. They have gained some popularity amongst students over the years and the 3 main cats are now named: Sammy, Fred, and Rocco.  


Their popularity 

   Students have expressed their love for the cats. If you look around the school, you will always see the cats being pet and cared for. 11th grade student Leydis Mendez says she pets the cats for good luck, and 12th grade student Emily Morales says they add a positive environment to the school.   

   Over the years they have gained popularity and in November of 2021, they got their own Instagram page named @mhs_kitties. This account has over 100 pictures of the cats hanging out with students, eating, and just being themselves.  


How to distinguish them 

   Some people often have hard a time distinguishing the cats at our school, but some students have reported how they distinguish them properly. 12th grade student Florencia Cornes says she recognizes them by fur and their names. 

    11th grade student Angel Peon says she identifies Fred, who is named after a former basketball coach at our school, by the spots on his fur color and how he will always ask for food. She also distinguishes Sammy by her fully grey coat and Rocco by how he is always hanging around the garden and is very shy.  


How the staff view them  

   The staff at our school have no problem that the cats have made the school their home. Mr. Valdes claimed that these cats act like support animals to most of the students, and security monitor Big A said that the cats play a valuable role here at our school.  

   Teachers around the school bring little bags of food for the cats, but one of the biggest helpers to these cats is Coach Boozer’s dad, Mr. Sam Baumgarten, Sr. who wakes up at 6 am to feed the cats, and always has extra food in his trunk for them. During the school vacations that students have, he is always coming to the school to make sure that the cats are fed and healthy.  


How to help them 

   To keep these wonderful cats safe and healthy, students must do their part and take some precautions around them. Cats have very sensitive stomachs, anything other than cat food can upset them. posted an article called “Foods That Are Dangerous or Toxic To Cats” where it states cats cannot have a variety of everyday foods such as dairy, chocolate, and grapes.