Miami High Best Hangout Spots


Stephanie Rodriguez, Kimberly Reyes & Angelina Carias’s favorite hangout spot located in Building 1 by the gardens.

By Esteisy Gonzalez

Miami High is a large school with endless spots to hangout. Its antique architecture contains many hidden gems, and you’d be surprised to learn about these spots and what they mean to students at MHS. 

    “I think there’s no other like the benches in the courtyard. I love to hear the flow of the rushing water of the fountain,” said sophomore Jiobanni Mejia. 

    “The benches in the PE field ease my mind. Sitting there helps me relax and distract myself from the school environment. Seeing students play in the field is a comforting sight,” said sophomore Danelly Rodriguez.  


Sport Lovers H.O.S 

    While others like to be in the benches by the PE field, fountain, cafeteria, or corners, those who enjoy sports often hangout in the gym, field, or the circle. The gym is mostly loved by basketball players while the circle by building 3 is loved by volleyball lovers.  

   “I enjoy spending time at the circle playing volleyball with my friends,” said senior Jasiel Jerez. The courts by the faculty parking lot is a spot few basketball players prefer the most. “I like the courts outside because I get lots of Vitamin D and feel more free overall,” said junior Axel Moran. 


A way to cope  

    A hangout spot is where all the socialization happens, and socializing can help your mental health in an immense way. According to the article “The Mental Health Benefits of Socialization- Reconnecting post- pandemic” posted on the website for the Cashman Center, socializing can help your mental health by improving your self-esteem, providing a sense of purpose, and decreasing the chances of depression.  

   “The school can at times be depressing and sometimes a distraction is all I need.  Hanging out with friends helps ease my mind,” said junior Stephanie Rodriguez. 

   Math teacher Mr. Brborich isn’t really bothered seeing student’s hangout in the halls or anywhere in general.  “Normally I see them socializing and just doing normal teenagers’ activities.  Socializing is part of our culture. If you don’t have good social skills, you become a hermit. As people, we need to be part of a community and community can be anything, like my classroom or a club,” said Mr. Brborich. 



     When creating high school memories, your hangout spot is the highlight of it all. It helps you connect to the old days and reminisce about all the laughs you and your friends shared together once upon a time. For senior Jasiel Jerez, the circle by 3rd building is the place where most of her fun and priceless memories have been made. 


    Although there are many spots, finding one is more difficult than just spotting it. They are mostly occupied, and many people just will not share because to them that spot is their momentary personal space. To Jasiel Jerez, there seems to be just a small number of spots that are special or private, so invading hers would not make her happy.  


Places to Avoid  

    There’s no doubt that there are some spots that are no good for hanging out. Danelly Rodriguez believes the exit by the dumpsters should be avoided as they don’t smell pleasant and are crowded most of the time.  

   According to many students interviewed, spots without cameras should be avoided. “You should also avoid where the stairs end and there’s just a wall. Those are no good,” said sophomore Shailoh Reyes. The reason is unknown, and many students who answered the same way walked away from the interview after I asked why. 


Places to hangout with your friends after school on a budget in Miami 

  • Dolphin Mall offers great views with lots of options like arcade, movies and small shops for a friendly price. 
  • Alice Wainwright Park is a perfect option with a great view for sunset, sunrises, and even a picnic. 
  • For only $25 entry fee, you can explore Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, a place filled with magic and stupendous gardens filled with life. 
  • Just with $28 you and all your friends can have a fun time painting at Painting with a Twist.