The Dopest Teacher There Is


Mondays are when Mr. Strickland dresses up with a full suit on.

By Danelly Rodriguez, Staff Writer

    Intensive math teacher Mr. Strickland is an amazing mathematics motivator to his students and strives to provide them with the best learning experience possible. He is an understanding and caring teacher that makes math easier to understand. He constantly shares ideas to help students develop more confidence in their learning and supplies help when a student struggles. Mr. Strickland provides a fun environment and uses his humor in teaching. He also makes it a safe place for students to speak up when they are struggling or need help. He is trustworthy, patient, and will constantly answer questions and will be there for you regardless.  


Perfect Example of a Math Teacher 

    He allows students to work at their own pace and if they need help, he will provide it for them. The way grading works in his classroom goes by a certain score you must reach by a certain due date in IXL. If you don’t get it, it’s an F; if you do, it’s an A. In the 1st quarter you must get to 85%, in the 2nd quarter it’s 90%, in the 3rd quarter it goes to 95%, then in the 4th quarter it is 100%.  

   The policy of students turning in work late does not affect them nor their grade. If a student is struggling, he will call them to his desk to ask if they need help. He will then look in IXL to see their progress and ask again to make sure. If he sees they’re struggling, he’ll explain problems so that they can understand at their own pace. Then, he will give them some problems on their own to see if they understand.  

    Mr. Strickland has been teaching for almost 17 years, but not all at once since he normally has breaks from teaching. His longest break was for 5 years. He is very humble and presents himself as just another person, but students can disagree and preach about him being one of the best teachers in Miami High. His students also call him “Uncle” or “Unc” because he calls his students nieces and nephews. He says, “My accomplishments are meeting you, meeting students and different people, being able to take care of my family and having a profession.” He also says, “I can look back and say I bettered the world.”  

    Strickland’s first choice wasn’t to become a math teacher. Originally, he wanted to work for the state in different capacities. He almost became an English teacher, but he got his math degree instead. He did work for the state, but he decided teaching was the better choice since he had a daughter and it allowed them to be together more often during spring break, summer, etc. because they didn’t live together. 


Life before teaching 

   Mr. Strickland was born and raised in Miami, FL. He says, “Born and raised from the crib, I’ve lived in the north side all my life. It’s my favorite place, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.” For pre school, he attended 79th street Baptist Church, Arcola Lake for Elementary K-2, Blanton Elementary for grades 3-6, Horace Mann Middle, Miami Central High School, and Bethune-Cookman University.  

   Other than Miami, he’s been to Tijuana, Mexico, and California which is the only other state he’d stay in because of the weather. His fondest childhood memories are when he’d go out of town with his parents on road trips to Canada, the Grand Canyon, Key West, all the way up the East Coast and then another year all the way West. 

    It was difficult growing up as a black man for Mr. Strickland because he experienced racial discrimination and prejudice firsthand. “The only thing I can do is live my life. That is how I overcame the challenges I faced,” he says. “I didn’t think I would make it to see 21. It was different in the 80’s and wasn’t like it is now.”  

   Mr. Strickland has owned many pets in his lifetime. He had dogs and a fish tank, which in 4th grade formed a crack that started to leak. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stop it. His first attachment to a dog was with Princess, also in 4th grade. She was a German Shepherd mix (mutt), and she died his first year of college which broke his heart. When he was in college, the mother of his daughter had a dog named Titi and she had to get rid of him. So, he took care of Titi until Humane Society got him. 


What makes him special 

    Mr. Strickland is a teacher that preaches to just be yourself and to always have confidence in what you do and like. “My strengths include being the best me I can be, which means understanding other people’s feelings and being patient with them,” he says.  

   He goes by treating people how he would want to be treated, and the people who can’t, he doesn’t associate with them. He grew up Christian and the youngest in his family, having one sister and 6 brothers. His proudest moments include graduating from high school, even when he was kicked out in 11th grade and came back after 6 months. His other proudest moment is when he met his mother, when he was born. 

   His long-term goal is to retire at 70 and to keep up with what he is currently doing, trying to become a better teacher every day and building his brand (his name). He has one biological daughter born on October 17, 1996, and 4 daughters in total. His special connection with his biological daughter is their birth years being opposite of each other, him being born in 1969 and her in 1996 

   Mr. Strickland says, “What I’m better at than an average person is dealing with the bull, the craziness, and the things most people get mad at. When you’re the youngest in the family, you get used to different personalities.” His pet peeves are people talking when he talks, students standing up, and people lying about him. 


Tuesdays-Thursdays are when he comes in just a shirt and tie.

Fashion Frenzy, hobbies, and activities 

    Mr. Strickland is a creative role model. He doesn’t mimic anyone, and his inspiration comes from inside. “I like to separate myself from a label and I want to be different,” he says. For him, fashion can be how you want it and what you like. It is who you want to be whether you want to be stylish, urban, country, etc. You might not know that mr. Strickland has been wearing his aesthetic since 1999.

Fridays are called “Dress Down Friday” because Mr. Strickland comes dressed up without a tie. If he gets paid, he’ll wear bright colors for the following wear; if he doesn’t, he’ll wear the opposite.


   “It’s what I like doing as a professional and in my era I grew up with a shirt and tie Monday-Thursday but on Friday, it was called dressed down Friday,” he says. This is the reason why on Fridays, you may not see him dressed up. 



    His skills involve being patient, thinking to a certain degree, being a good listener, and being understanding. He can get along with people well and cherishes being that loyal friend you can talk to. He also was in track, and it was his favorite for 2 years (10th and12th). His interests are being a “ladies man”, a people person, and liking the finer things in life.

All about Mr. Strickland  

Things you may not know 

  • Loves clothes and shoes 
  • Enjoys making people happy 
  • Favorite colors purple, gold, and green 
  • Favorite food is conch 
  • Fussing when there’s no one around is a stress reliever to him  
  • In his free time he sits home watching sports on TV with his ringer off and a cold beverage 
  • On pay days, he dresses with bright colors 


Tips for his class   

  • He dismisses you, not the bell  
  • Try your best, and ask for help 
  • Do not talk when he’s talking 
  • Respect your peers and him 
  • Do not eat in his classroom if you aren’t going to share  
  • Do not play around and not get work done; you’ll have straight z’s