The Ukraine War, 1 year later


Two Ukrainian service members, pictured waving to the camera in a IFV. They are two of the marry troops fighting for Ukraine freedom.

By Joshua Funes, Staff Writer

While in the comforts of our homes or at our jobs, about 5,690 miles away, a war is raging on between two countries, Russia and Ukraine. It has been about a year since the war started, so what’s happened in that time? 


A Basic Recap 

The war can be traced back all the way to 2014, when Russia decided to annex the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine. After Russia’s swift and easy takeover of the peninsula, everything seemed to calm down. That was until Russia began to increase its military presence near the Ukrainian border.  

Soon after, on February 24 of 2022, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, announced a full-scale invasion of Ukraine that would attempt to take over the entire country. This invasion would soon reach Kiev, in April of 2022, but the Russians would ultimately fail to take over the capital. The battle for control of the country continues today, with Ukraine gradually taking back parts of their country. 


Who’s Winning? 

Personally, I think Ukraine is winning the war, especially considering that they’re beginning to take back parts of the country. As of recently, Russian forces have begun to retreat simply due to the fact they can’t continue to fight with how many losses they have taken. If Ukraine continues taking back the Donbas and the Crimean Peninsula, they may be able to win the war. 


The Next Steps for Ukraine 

There is still a lot to do, though, for Ukraine to be able to win the war. Not only do they need to take back the outskirts and the Crimean Peninsula, but they also need to cut off supplies for the Russians. So far, they have managed to destroy the Crimean bridge, which has cut off major supplies to Russian troops. The Ukrainians also need advanced weapons, such as MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) and IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles). With these weapons and tactics, Ukraine’s troops can deliver a successful offensive push to take back their land. 



The USA and NATO’s response 

The United States and NATO have sent several weapon packages including missiles launchers, drones, artillery, and much more. Recently, however, the US and NATO have sent Ukraine their best package yet, with the United States sending 91 of their best tanks and IFVs, and NATO sending 88 of Germany’s tanks. With these tanks, Ukraine and their troops have the firepower and tools to deploy a counteroffensive to Russians in the Donbas. Not only that, but the United States is also considering sending their fighter jets as well, although it is still under decision by the US government. With new and powerful equipment, it’s now or never for Ukraine to achieve victory. 


Can Russia continue with this war? 

Personally, I don’t think the Russians can hold on for much longer, especially considering their losses as of now. If they continue to fight, their losses will become even greater, and with Ukraine receiving new tanks, it will become much harder for Russian troops to recover. Russia has two options: either end the war under peace, or end the war in defeat to Ukraine. Russia must end the war in peace. Otherwise, it will not end well for them. 


The Casualties 

Since day 1 of the war, hundreds of troops and civilians have been killed in the battlefield. According to the website, the number of civilian casualties has been reported to be up to 7,155, including children. As for soldiers, more than 200,000 casualties have been reported on both sides of the war 


Final Thoughts 

This war should have never happened. It is Russia’s choice to back off and end the war with peace, but now they are so far into the war, that they realistically can’t end the war anytime soon. And with the Russian president showing no signs of ending the war, it could be years before the war will be truly over.