The Next Big Rockstar of The Century


Zero Knives on her Instagram

By Andre Rodriguez, Staff Writer

   The bands here at Miami High provide our school with spirit and personality in events, such as the pep rallies and homecoming. But did you know that there are other bands in play here at Miami High?  

   Zero Knives, a junior at Miami High, has been in multiple bands during her high school life. One of those bands called “Vandice” was featured in the 2020-2021 Yearbook. She is an interesting and unique student who uses her taste in fashion, shows, movies, and music to enhance her band performance and stage presence. 

 Zero’s Involvement in Insaniax 

    Zero was in Vandice, but is now the bassist of Insaniax, a band that mainly plays outside of school. She explains that in 2021, Vandice was falling apart and because they needed new members, they met with a guy and meshed their ideas together to create a mix of genres. She explains that as a last resort, they created Insaniax, which worked out in the end, forming what they are today. Zero and her band members get along fine now, and all share the same humor.

Zero Knives with her green bass guitar, Zero. Green is her favorite color.

     Insaniax is still looking for a drummer. In the meantime, their guitarist plays the drums for the band. Zero avoids playing drums but sometimes plays guitar whenever she gets frustrated while playing bass. Once they find a drummer, Zero states that they will practice until they’re ready to perform at local places in Miami. She says that they have not been part of anything school-related and intend to focus on local shows as she’s the only member who is currently going to school.  

   Insaniax followers post and share their music often on Instagram, and plan to grow and gain more attention in the next upcoming months.  You can find Insaniax on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. They’re even verified on Spotify!  

 At Home Life  

     Zero was born in Miami, but her parents are from Honduras. She has two older siblings, a brother here in Miami  and a sister who lives in Orlando. She gets along well with her brother, often talking and sharing their interests, but her sister and she only really talk when her sister visits Miami.  

    She spent her childhood playing horror video games and listening to music, influenced by her brother and one of their family friends. When Zero is home, she mainly practices with her bass guitar or plays online games with her friends. These interests and her childhood influence the music she listens to and  the way she dresses. Zero has three dogs she loves to play-fight with, but sometimes they end up annoying her. 

 Her Taste in Fashion, Music, Shows, and Movies 

    Zero discovered her taste in fashion, music, and media in 2020, even though she’s known metal bands since her adolescence.  Her outfits derive from metal ideals and idols, since they all dress alike.  

    However, Zero’s parents don’t embrace this. “They think it’s just a phase; that’s why they’re letting me,” Zero said. She adds that they have gotten stricter because it’s been going on for so long. She finishes off by saying that it’s “not taking the metal away from me.” She mentions a time when her parents forced her to take down a “satanic looking” but completely harmless poster from the metal genre, which left her with four movie posters hung up in her room.  

    Zero’s favorite artist is Geezer Butler, the bassist of Black Sabbath. She also likes Shavo Odadjia, the bassist of System of a Down. She likes them because she takes inspiration from them while playing bass, since they’re talented bassists for amazing bands. 

     In terms of movies or shows, she loves the MTV rendition of the Scream franchise and thinks that it’s better than the normal Scream movies. She loves the Freddy vs. Jason movie as well, mostly because of the great soundtrack. 

 Her Miami High Experience  

    Zero is a junior, and her favorite class at the moment is band, which she mentions is self-explanatory. She’s not really into anything school-related unless it is involved with bass guitar or music in general.  She doesn’t find interest in any of her other classes, but she does have “a long history of problems” with math classes in general because she isn’t good with numbers.  

    Her favorite year at Miami High so far is sophomore year, which holds her favorite moment as well. “My friends and I had this game of tag that went on every day until we had a final winner and it got very intense and chaotic, so it was fun,” she said. 

Zero’s Favorite Songs: 

Ritüel – She Past Away 

Grown in the Mold Sores – Traumatomy 

Rational Gaze – Meshuggah 

10’s – Pantera 

Brutal Gadget – Crisix 

Bodies on Display – Putrid Pile 

Subliminal – Suicidal Tendencies