Automotive Update


By Joshua Funes, Staff Writer

At Miami High’s automotive shop, students are working on a big project, as they are taking apart an old practice car down to the bare metal. Their teacher, Mr. Aguiar, plans to finish taking the car apart before the end of the year. Students of all levels of experience have been working on taking off pieces of the car, such as the seats, seatbelts, windows, and other items. Not only that, but they also successfully took off the roof of the car, which was a huge step needed to finish the project. 

    Progress as of lately has been slow, however, as the students have also been busy with other cars coming in and out of the shop. Due to this, it is unknown as to when exactly the car will be finished. But Aguiar and the students are hopeful that they will finish before the school year is over.  

    Once the car is finished, it will be sent to a scrapyard to be fully taken apart. Aguiar says that he is doing this as a favor for the scrapyard, which may help him find another project to work on with the students. They are hopeful that this project will be successfully completed. (By Joshua Funes)