Our Favorite English Teacher: Mr. Arevalo


English Teacher Mr. Arevalo

By Celine Blanco-Corbea, Staff Writer

Get to Know: English Teacher Mr. Arevalo 

   English teacher Mr. Arevalo is an amazing mentor, always motivating his students to thrive and to perform at their highest potential. He is a kind, genuine, and understanding teacher that makes you want to go to his class and learn more about the next topic that he is going to teach. He constantly is helping his students with their struggles and provides a positive environment in his classroom. Mr. Arevalo is patient with his students. When they ask the same questions repeatedly, he will assist them and approach them calmly and explain to them once again.  


Life at School  

     Mr. Arevalo has been teaching for quite a while now. At Miami High, his classes are mostly English Honors and AP English Language. He states, “My honors and AP classes differ in that in one class I teach the Honors curriculum, which is set by the district, while in my AP classes I teach a curriculum I created.” 

    He started to get into his teaching career when he was tutoring at FIU’s Writing Center. While tutoring he was able to realize how much he truly enjoyed talking about writing with different people and helping them improve their skill. While figuring out this new path he seemed to enjoy, he decided to change his major to English Education.  

   Mr. Arevalo has participated in one of the most popular and looked-forward to events at Miami High, which is the Homecoming Parade. Last year he was a judge; being a judge and included in school activities made him realize Miami High was a much better place for him than his previous school.  

    He gets along great with his fellow coworkers. He says, “I have an MHS Lunch Crew of about 6-7 teachers that I eat lunch with every day, and I have never had so much strong support and care at any other school or job than here at Miami High. We celebrate each other, we listen, we help, and sometimes we go out together during breaks. They are also very funny.” Earlier this school year, Mr. Arevalo was surprised for his birthday by his co-workers, and he found it fun to celebrate with them.  


Life before becoming a teacher 

     For his high school years, Mr. Arevalo attended John A. Ferguson Senior High School located in West Kendall, making him an MDCPS alumnus. He was involved in multiple extracurriculars in Ferguson Senior High, where he was editor-in-chief of the newspaper and was also a part of the English Honor Society. 

    Mr. Arevalo studied at Florida International University (FIU) and received his bachelor’s degree in English. He had an enjoyable college experience at FIU. He says, “It was always fun to be on campus, and working at the Writing Center meant having a fun group of friends to hang out with.” 

    During college he was able to travel and explore Costa Rica with a group of volunteers because of an organization called Alternative Breaks that helps college students use their breaks for humanitarian efforts around the world. Mr. Arevalo states, “The classes and professors were also great, and I still keep in touch with some.” 

Growing Up 

   Born in Lima, Peru, Mr. Arevalo was raised in Miami from a young age by his Peruvian parents. He enjoys playing volleyball during his free time and is always exploring and traveling to new places. He also loves being able to go to concerts and plays. Earlier this school year, Mr. Arevalo was able to watch one of his favorite plays in person titled Hamilton.  He has no pets at the moment, but he used to have dogs. He loves dogs and cats and often likes to stop and talk to them if he sees one.  


Fashion, Music, Movies, Shows 

  Mr. Arevalo has various favorite music artists, and you can always find him listening to Taylor Swift, Justin Nozuka, Sade, Panic! At the Disco, Christina Aguilera, Kenny G, or the Hamilton soundtrack.  If you are one of his students, you probably have noticed his unique music taste. He is always introducing and putting on songs from the 90’s and early 2000’s. One of his favorite songs is “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5. 

   Being an English teacher, you should assume he has a favorite book. His favorite book is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. He admires this book because “it is short, sweet, and a feel-good classic.”  

  One of Mr. Arevalo’s favorite hobbies to do during his free time is traveling. While traveling he has acquired a few favorite places that have caught his attention. He says, “I have several favorite places, but two stand outs right now are Muir Woods in California and the Sydney Harbour in Australia.” 

Fun Facts about Mr. Arevalo  

  1. He knows how to surf.  


  1. If he were a prisoner on death row and had to choose a last meal, it would be McDonalds #3 Large: no onions, no pickles, regular Coke, with a McChicken, add cheese, as an appetizer.  


  1. He enjoys watching The Mandalorian; it makes him feel nostalgic to see all the Star Wars special effects. 


  1. He doesn’t know how to whistle.  


  1. He is learning how to spike for volleyball.