Who is This?


Top Photo: Kathleen Delgado and her co-workers dressed up for 5 de Mayo. Bottom Left: Kathleen is part of the Teaching Magnet and loves playing with the baby stings. Bottom Right: Kathleen at Senior Sunrise.

By Jose Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Early Life

Kathleen Delgado was born in Miami, Florida. She said, “My recollection of childhood memories consist of my cousins and I in a pool or at the beach. I remember having a life size baby doll for years and that is when I knew I wanted to be a mom.” Kathleen is not what you call an “iPad kid.” Instead, she played outdoors, riding her bike and teaching her neighbors how to ride one. 

Kathleen started at Kensington Elementary. She took part in the gifted program that allowed her to learn more than the average student and work on more complex and advanced lessons. For middle school, Kathleen attended Ponce De Leon, but to her it was “average” as it only offered sports and she was not interested in getting involved with sports. 


Senior Kathleen Delgado is an inspiration, but why you might ask. Unlike most incoming first-year students who shy away from activities and extracurricular services, Kathleen Delgado began her journey of becoming a true Stingaree when she became involved in her freshman year. She started by helping F.E.A (Future Educators of America) construct beautiful sets and participate in the performance F.E.A. had up their sleeves during the 2019 homecoming parade.  

Though the 2020-2021 school year, when she was a sophomore, did not allow her to continue being involved because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, she persevered and still wanted to make an impact, so it became her mission to let the Miami High faculty know how appreciated they were when she rose to the occasion and proposed to the old F.E.A. officers to have students write letters to the faculty. These digital letters were typed by kids for their favorite or any teacher they wanted to thank. The students shared beautiful words of encouragement and appreciation towards their teachers, which then demonstrated to the faculty that students do care and believe that the staff had gone above and beyond in an unanticipated situation.  

Then during her junior year, 2021-2022, Kathleen returned to her second home. She felt “happy” to be back, but dreaded to reinstate old club traditions, like bi-weekly meetings, socials, and the teacher appreciation letter event. She feared that wearing face masks and maintaining a 6 feet distance would make situations awkward. To her surprise these restrictions did not cause any disturbances. Instead, they brought people closer. Senior year has been a “Full-Time job” for Kathleen, but “I would not have it any other way, because high school taught balance.” Between being an assistant manager at Azucar [an ice cream shop], having 4 rigorous classes a day, being F.E.A president and managing editor for yearbook, her time is limited. However, she says “I find ways to get things done efficiently and in a timely manner.” 

Outside of School 

Kathleen is highly active in providing a wonderful experience to customers who walk into Azucar. She works 5 days a week, and her biggest motivation is “Getting my own money. I am independent and financially stable. Not relying on my parents feels like a weight of my shoulders.” On the job, Kathleen has learned how to be patient, “because being an assistant manager means I have more pressure, paperwork, and employees depending on me.”  

Kathleen has traveled more than the average person. She has been to Cuba, Pennsylvania and has traveled to Florida cities outside Miami like, Tampa, Orlando, and the Florida Keys. After high school, she aspires to get her degree and travel even more. “Learning and experiencing different cultures is what I want the most,” she said. After her fair share of traveling, she would like to have 3 kids before she is 30 with a husband who is equally motivated as her to live a financially free lifestyle.  


Kathleen is one of the many lucky stingarees to participate in the Golden Scholars program, which is an amazing program offered by F.I.U and given to first generation students. This Scholarship is a summer program in which she will participate in an intensive six-week residential summer that gives academic preparation, individualized advising, and personal attention from faculty and staff. “Applying for college had me incredibly nervous and lost, but I am happy I had people guide me through the steps of an application,” she said I was very unmotivated to fill out various college applications, so I decided to put my eggs in one basket and hope for the best. I did not want to stress it anymore, so I hoped for the best.” Kathleen will be attending F.I.U during the 2023 summer semester but is undecided on her major. 


All about Kathleen

Here are some of Kathleen’s Favorite Things!

  • GettingEye-Lash Extensions
  • Doing Makeup
  • Her Boyfriend
  • Working at the Pre-School
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Congris con Steak
  • Being part of Yearbook
  • Cleaning her Room
  • Exploring the City of Miami