Growing Up


By Dajane Luna, Writer

When we age, we get a new level of understanding. We become more independent and responsible with how we act and what choices we make. 










Then and Now 

    Sophomore Mathew Porras said, “I have learned so much throughout the years of my life. For example, I do not watch Pokémon as a 15-year-old.

There is nothing wrong with that if anyone else watches it, but now l am into more mature things.”

   Senior Felicia Tam stated, “My childhood years are quite different. I was not on technology as much as kids are these days. Also, I feel like the beauty standard has changed dramatically. Kids these days are expected to not have an awkward phase and always look perfect and mature for their age.” 

   Senior Dany Torres claims, “It is just not the same. Now, there are iPad kids; before we never had that. We had more time to be outside and have fun, but now ‘fun’ is through a device. We used to be connected physically, but now we are connected through social media.”  


Is growing up a terrible thing? 

     Something about growing up is that we live off from what we experience in the past whether it is from a good thing or a bad thing. Some may say that if they could go to the past they would, since it gives them a sense of nostalgia, but others may disagree for the past should be left in the past.  

     Junior Michael Alvarez said, “Even though I do miss when the world was filled with wonder and excitement, I do not see growing up as a sad thing. Although I might not have the same curiosity I had as a kid, I feel a keen understanding that I am just getting older and have gotten knowledgeable in my day-to-day life. I am fine being right here.”  

   On the other hand, Felicia Tam would enjoy reliving her childhood for the nostalgia and memories she had as a kid before there was a loss of innocence in her life and she matured. “It would be fun sometimes,” she said. “But we can be ignorant about problems that our brain cannot grasp yet.” 



     Changes can happen to everyone when it comes to looks, styles, interest, etc. This also includes some teenagers who had a sudden change of interest from when they were a kid to now. Some may say that getting older is a scary thing, which it is, but if you do not grow and get to see the reality of the world then you will never get to know what you might miss out from experiencing what is out there for you. 

    An anonymous sophomore said, “I would always prefer pop or whatever popular song was on the radio, but now I listen to a wide variety such as hip-hop, rnb, bands, and kpop. I think my music taste has changed since I am older now, I have a lot more options and I get to decide what I want to listen to.”  

Sophomore Melodysol Rivera can agree. When she was younger, she would listen to soft melodies, but as she grew, she started liking loud music with the guitar and drums. This also includes her styles. She said, “My style has changed because I found an identity. I do not try to dress for the trend, but dress depending on how I am feeling.” 

   Similarly, junior Michael Alvarez said, “My style has done a complete 180. As a kid I did not really care about how I looked, but as I got older, I started to realize how much my appearance matters and how people see me as.” 

   Junior Adrian Cuadra said, “My style has changed. I used to not have a style. I wore whatever was more comfortable, and now my style is so much nicer. I know how to match colors, and what to wear depending on the event.” 


Trends of The Past  

    When people follow trends, it is usually out of curiosity. Many ask themselves why this trend is getting a lot of attention and validation from others.  

     Junior Tony Castillo explained that in the year 2016 he did water bottle flips because it became popular, and he saw many of his friends doing it as well. At the time this trend was called the water bottle flip challenge. People did it as a challenge to see if they landed on the cap or on its bottom. Tony would compete amongst his friends to see who could do the coolest bottle flip trick.  

   Dany Torres said, “I do not remember much, but I loved making rubber band bracelets when I was young, and I still do. I did not know how to make them back then, but I loved them because of how people would decorate them. I would pay my friends to make me some. I have no idea where they are now, but, man, that was a trend that I loved.” 


Are reboots necessary? 

     The entertainment business produces a multitude of TV shows and movies. We have seen how they try to bring back a dead show or movie by trying to continue the plot or to reshape the image. Some believe that it is a clever idea because it brings back a nostalgic feeling, but others might

 think the entertainment business should not fix what is not broken. 

    Junior Deliana Picado said, “I find it unappealing how Disney keeps rebooting and making old cartoon movies into live action. I feel like animated ones are more enjoyable compared to using actors and fake effects to the movies.”

   Similarly, sophomore Vanessa Gonzalez said, “Personally I am not a huge fan of My Little Pony and Monster High reboot. They are not necessarily bad, but it is probably because I am still attached to the versions I grew up with.” 


   Sophomore Mathew Porras, on other hand, believes it depends on what reboot you are talking about. For example, he finds the show Ducktales to be good since it brings him a sense of “adventure and mystery, like in the old show.”  However, he would say Teen Titans Go, has nothing to do with the old show due lack of inspiration and “it seems like a quick cash grab for younger audiences.”