A great year for the Law Magnet


Junior Ashley Broche with Law Magnet teacher Ms. Perez in the Mock Trial competition

By Andre Rodriguez, Editor

     Ms. Perez, Law Magnet teacher, reports that the 2022-23 school year was more intense than usual. She had more students and more activities than ever. Her biggest challenges were the time restraints she faced. Despite this, the Law Magnet’s achievements still made her very proud. Students were invested in the curriculum, learned so much, and participated in the return of the in-person Mock Trial Competition.  

     She mentions that the Mock Trials are always an incredible experience. “Students have a blast while learning procedural and substantive due process of law,” she said. “The cases are tailored for high school settings, which make it even more relatable and intriguing.” 

     To help upcoming students of the Law Magnet, she tells them to always believe in themselves, stay focused on the things that require it, and to never believe the hype. She says finding something that you enjoy doing and putting it to practice is the most important thing, as that’s what you’ll take with you.  

     Over the summer, freshmen recruits are still going to be enrolled into the program. Following the summer, she hopes to continue building the law magnet and adding new interesting elements. She would love to take her students to a law school or even visit a courthouse. 

     Ms. Perez would also like to congratulate the various recipients of the Law Magnet awards: freshmen Sahily Guzman and Natalia Moreno, sophomores Brendha Ballester and Lizzie Alba, juniors Rocio Pelaez and Mayara Castaneda, and seniors Diana Scott and Isabel Vidal. 

     She’d also like to mention sophomore Michael Porras, junior Issabella Martinez, and junior Lillian Dieguez for contributing and standing out from the rest.  

     Ms. Perez encourages the class of 2022-23 to continue being the “cream of the crop.” She’ll miss all her students dearly and will always be here for their needs!