Football Rebuilding For 2023-2024


Miami High 2022-2023 Football Team.

By Danelly Rodriguez, Staff Writter

Stingaree Kickoff  

    Football coach Mr. Bernard reports that the team faced many challenges during the 2022-23 school year. However, they are looking forward to a great comeback season that will be kicking off on July 24th and their first game will be during the first week of school in August.  

   They plan on building chemistry and bringing in scholar-athletes that can help the program succeed, there being 50 players on the team now. Coach Bernard says, “Since we have a young team, building the chemistry and getting kids that will have their grades up to par are our main focuses. Coaches also must build chemistry because there is a new staff.”  

Miami High on defense during homecoming game against Goldman Senior High

  One major challenge they faced last season was a lot of injuries. They also faced having a whole new offensive system, along with the head coach and players leaving before their last game.  

   Recruiting athletes runs through the magnet programs at Miami High. Coach Bernard says, “I look for effort and if the player’s coachable, but definitely effort is the most important thing.” 

  Typically, practice goes from 2:45 till 6:30, but coaches encourage players to go to tutoring. Coach Bernard says, “They go to tutoring for an hour then work out in the weight room for 35 minutes. After, we go outside for pre-practice and then actual practice which involves individual periods, team periods, and group periods.” 

  Coach Bernard would like to shine the spotlight on two players for their hard work and dedication to continue to blossom as student-athletes. 

  • Sophomore Joshua Johnson who plays as a defensive back 
  • Sophomore Henry Adam Jean Simeon who plays as a defensive lineman