From Miami High to Real World

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By Magdiel Gamez, Staff Writer

On October 18, 2022, a story I wrote became the second most popular story on the Miami High Times website with 550+ views during that time.  It was about my experiences moving from one school to another, “From Booker T. to Miami High” if you’re curious about it. 

Daily Basis Afterwards 

    At the beginning of the school year, I wanted to change my Journalism class to Theater 2 since I was interested in becoming an actor one day, but as I learned more about the responsibilities of becoming an actor, I could see how hard it is to be successful in terms of being above the rest. So, I decided to see how this Journalism class would go. I can say I learned a lot about this school and its stereotypes which got me more interested in this school than I was back as a freshman at Booker T. Washington.  

   After my first story, I posted several others, but they weren’t as successful as the first which got me curious on how I did it the first time. I said it was just pure luck at first, but that was until I saw how it connected to the audience who might have felt similarities with the story. So, I decided to see where I made my errors and improve upon them so my story can look more organized for the readers. 

    Whenever I think about my junior year, all I can think about is how people think it’s the hardest year in high school, but it wasn’t hard at all for me. Compared to my 10th grade year, it felt more like a break compared to what I had to deal with in 10th grade, such as sitting all day on a Saturday doing a Binder project that was worth 45 Zs, if you didn’t do it, from Biology teacher Ms. G. It stressed me out onto where I had to take breaks often to keep working on it. 

    As an 11th grader, I didn’t have the same mentality as a 10th grader, but I had some difficulties once in a while. But I would say that junior year felt better than average for me compared to 10th grade.  

My Future, My Life 

   Now, I have many questions about myself that are still unanswered, some of those being what my future will be like and what decisions I will make that will influence my future. 

   This summer, I’m planning on doing a job as a waterpark assistant, but it won’t be as easy for me since I recently had surgery on my inflamed intestines that were infected with a virus. That was a problem for me. I’m doing better now, but it gives me second thoughts whether being a waterpark assistant would be a good idea after the surgery. So instead, I plan on having a different job that won’t have as much movement since my body is still healing little by little from the surgery, but at the same time earning money that’ll benefit me through my senior year. 

   Speaking of senior year, I’m willing to see how far I can go into acting by having my fullest mind into it. I also plan on speaking to CAP Advisor Ms. Puentes more to have her help me know which direction is right in my case of wanting to become an actor. And lastly, I want my senior year to be more memorable than the rest of my high school years by experimenting to see if I have any other interests I don’t know about. 

    When graduation arrives, it’ll remind me about how this school had an impact on me in some way after not being sure at first as a former BTW student. After I get my diploma days later and finally leave Miami High, I won’t be used to it at first after getting used to having a regular summer after a school year and then heading back to school.  

   But I can say that after a while on graduating from Miami High, I can see how leaving this system will really change me in a way, but I’m still indecisive on going to college and for how many years as of now.  I wouldn’t really know where I’ll be at exactly 10 years from now in May 2033, but I know there will be a long road of growth and struggles in front of me.