Honduras, my homeland – Mi Pais

Happy here but I miss my home


Me and my grandma when I was young. Me and my sister and her husband with my two nieces. And my family at Pizza Hut.

By Esteisy Gonzalez, Staff writer

My parents came from Honduras to the United States in 1996 to look for a better future to move my siblings forward. Since then, we have been living in Miami, Florida. 

    People may see Honduras as dangerous, which is true. There is gang violence and violent crime such as homicide, armed robbery, and kidnapping. 

    But always keep in mind, Honduras is naturally beautiful, with amazing beaches, lovely nature areas, and delicious cuisine. My favorite food from Honduras is pollo con tajadas and baleadas. 

My life in Honduras 

   My name is Angelyn Fernandez, and I was born in Miami to two Honduran parents.  When I first went to Honduras, I was 2 years old. Honduras and Miami are so different from each other. When I first got to Honduras, my dad remembers how I was complaining how hot it is and I could not deal with it. 

    As years passed, however, I got used to the weather, started traveling by myself, and started to see how beautiful Honduras is. Every time I go to Honduras, I stay with my grandma (Benicia Martinez), my sister (Ibis Fernandez), my sister’s husband (Luiz Santos), and my two nieces (Ashlye Santos and Belkis Fernandez). My grandma has recently passed, and she will always be in our hearts.  May she rest in peace. 

Places I have been in Honduras 

   In Honduras, I have visited many places such as: La Capital, which is Tegucigalpa; El Puerto de Amapala, the beautiful beaches of Tela Atlantida; the well-known Capital Industrial, which is San Pedro Sula.  On my last trip, I also visited La Ciudad de Los Pinares Siguatepeque, which has a more pleasant climate and I really enjoyed my new experience there.  

    I went to El Bosque Calanterique Siguatepeque. It is a forest on a mountain. I went with my sister, her husband, my two nieces, and my cousins. We had so much fun.  

  One of my favorite activities I did recently is when I went to Laberinto De Cipreses in Comayagua; it is a maze and you have to find your way out. I went with my cousin (Diana Montoya), and we both were lost, but we found our way out. There are many more places I need to visit.