Get to know science teacher Mr. Sanchez

Science teacher Mr. Sanchez says, Im always watching you.

Science teacher Mr. Sanchez says, “I’m always watching you.”

  Mr. Sanchez is one of the marine science teachers at Miami High. He loves to help students learn and teach them new facts about science and help kids understand about marine life, and life lessons. His job as a teacher here at Miami High makes a huge positive impact on students because students look up to him as a mentor and as a role model. 

   His favorite childhood memory was swimming at the Shenandoah pool after school. “There weren’t any other happy memories from my childhood except playing different sports and working out at school,” he says.  

  He went to Miami high graduated with the class of 1991. He liked how the school was and being a member of the BETA club, he chose it because it was very small back then and unique and you had to have a 3.0 GPA or above to join. He had no favorite teacher and no favorite high school memory because it was full of work and just working out. 

Life before teaching  

  Mr. Sanchez was a computer network administrator for 12 years, and he has a degree in information technology. The reason he wanted to be a teacher was that a teaching career gave him the ability to spend more time with his kids. 

  “The hardest part about teaching would have to be getting to know kids then having to say goodbye.” says. Mr. Sanchez  

He also spoke about how “if you can’t handle criticism, don’t be a teacher.” 

Life as a teacher 

Regarding responsibility and discipline in the classroom, Mr. Sanchez says he treats students how he would like to be treated, with respect in hopes they will respect him back. Mr. Sanchez says, “You hope that by being respectful, and responsible and modeling good behaviors students will emulate you.” 

  One of the important life skills is to learn that life is not fair, says Mr. Sanchez. “Many students today aren’t employable, they show up and pass but in life you can show up to work, but if you don’t earn your pay, expect not to have a job for long.”  

High school experience  

  He went to Miami high class of 1991 and he liked how the school was, the club that he was in meanwhile he was at miami high was beta because it’s very small and unique and you have to have a 3.0 gpa or above. He had no favorite teachers. He has no favorite high school memory because it was full of work and just working out. 



5 things you didn’t know about Mr. Sanchez 


  • Before teaching he was a computer network administrator  


  • He went to Miami High 


  • He was in the BETA club 


  • He likes to swim 


  • He has a daughter that just graduated from Miami high