My Magical Trip to Universal


Before going to Universal we went to Disney Springs

By Staff Writer, Daranys Valdes

    It was back in March of 2021 when my uncle was over for a family dinner.  While at the table, he said to pick a quick spring break vacation to take me and my little cousin, and we picked Universal. I had never been before and was very excited to see all the fun rides I had heard of. And so, my uncle told us he would figure out the tickets and hotel.  

Preparations for the trip  

    The night before the trip I prepared my suitcase and packed all the essentials like my toothbrush, face moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup bag as well as two sets of pajamas, a set of jeans with a hoodie, and few shorts and shirts I was very excited that night.  I could barely go to sleep thinking about all the fun things I was going to do. 

Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort 

    After the long 3-hour drive, we arrived at our hotel, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort. It had a huge pool, and the buildings surrounding the pool were very colorful. The lobby had a huge circle with palm trees in the middle with a bar for adults at the back.  

   A lot of the characters such as Donald Duck and the Hulk were at the door ready to greet all the guests. Our hotel room had a view down to Volcano Bay Water Park. Our room had two beds and a big master bathroom. 

Disney Springs 

     On the first day we decided to head to Disney Springs and look at all the nice shops. We walked around for a while and saw all the pretty scenery.  There were tall trees lit up with fairy lights and there were many pop-up shops.  

   We stopped at the Lego store, and I got to build my own figure that looked like me. After I got to ride on the hot air balloon. It was an amazing experience to see the plaza from that view. After that we went to a small restaurant where I ate a hamburger with fries, and then we went back to the hotel.  

 The Big Day  

     On day two we woke up at around 6 a.m. to get the breakfast the hotel offered.  I got pancakes, the best I have ever had.  Then we headed to the busses that took us directly to Universal. We had previously bought our tickets, so we didn’t have to make the line. We just headed directly into the park. 

    I rode many amazing rides. One of my favorites was The Mummy where at the beginning of the ride it shoots up fire and at the end it has a huge drop down.  The Simpsons was a nice ride that has a small story line and many effects that made it an amazing ride. The Rip Rock Rocket ride played loud music and did many crazy spins around the park. Those were all very amazing fun rides.  

   I also got to eat many things the park offered like Dip in Dots that’s ice cream treat and a chicken burger with some fries. At the end of the day, they even had a small parade. Over all I loved that trip, and I’m very thankful for the experience.