Teacher’s Recap of the 2022-23 School Year


Miami High teachers at the Kickball game.

The 2022-2023 school year at Miami High has been a long and exciting one for students and faculty alike, with many teachers engaged and others working behind the picture to maintain a prodigious school. Miami High is a school loved by many and maintains a certain quality among other schools in Miami-Dade. We’d like to conclude the school year with opinions from some of our favorite teachers and administrators at Miami High, and although we couldn’t get every teacher here, our interviews just might sum up the general experience and mindset of the year. 


Our Administration’s Point-Of-View 

Mr. Zabala, assistant principal, states that this year has been the best in terms of discipline since he’s been in Miami High. He also appreciates the mural in the Building 1 hallway and the walkway put up in  garden and hopes we can get more things done in the next couple of years. 



Our Teacher of the Year Look at the Year! 

Ms. Mungia, math professor who was selected as the Future Educators of America Teacher of the Year, says that one of her favorite moments of the year happened back in early May seeing over fifty AP Calculus students willing to study and help each other out. She really liked Mr. Miami High, even if the year felt long. Students that stand out to her are those who aren’t necessarily the smartest, but rather try their hardest. “Those are the kids who feel the most rewarding to me later when I see they’re passing their exam,” she says. 


What does our Social Studies Department Think? 

  Ms. Delgado, part of the social studies department, says that this year is the year where everything can get back into gear, even if the FAST testing is crazy. She mentions that the whole social studies department gets along very well. “We have lunch together almost every day,” she adds. “I think what keeps us together is lunch and coffee.”  

Mr. Rivera, also part of the social studies department, sees this year less positively. He said that general student effort and cooperation may have gone down this year, mainly because of the transition between MSO and physical school during the Covid year. There’s a sense of entitlement in students, although there are many who put in the hard work. He says the social studies department is very united, sharing criticism or ideas on efficiency and covering each other’s backs. He says they are the best department in the school. 


Thoughts of English Department of MHS 

  English teacher Ms. Guerra states that this year homecoming parade felt like the most realistic one because of the engagement students had unlike with the previous one. One thing she has a strong opinion about is the shortage of teachers and substitutes which make managing class sizes and classes periods harder than they should be. She states, “One thing I would change to make the year be better is people wanting to be teachers again.” 

  Dr. DeNight, English teacher for various advanced classes, would like to recognize his journalism class because during Covid the enrollment numbers were decreasing. He says, “We have a lot more students interested in taking the class now and we are making use of our online presence at <miamihighnews.com>.”  

Dr. DeNight also gives recognition to his AP Seminar course, a big class with 36 students. He was afraid Miami High was losing the AP Seminar program because it is a very high-level elective and not many students want to commit to it, but things changed for the better this year.  

Finally, Dr. DeNight points out that this school year he started to volunteer more for school activities and is amazed at how many teachers such as Ms. Suarez, Ms. Armas, Ms. Puentes, and Ms. Rivero are always dedicating their time. 

English teacher Mr. Jimenez says that this year he felt he put in the most work and that it is also the year that he isn’t worried about things and knows what he is doing. Mr. Jimenez wants to give recognition to his Creative Writing classes, his EHS officers, his 6th period, and all the students that were able to pass their FAST-Reading Exam.  

He mentions, “We are looking for members for EHS and Creative Writing and are frequently having meetings.” Mr. Jimenez and Dr. Suarez are close coworkers he says that “she was my mentor for this school year and was always there to motivate and push me to success.” 


Opinions from the elective teachers 

Mr. Phillips, TV Production professor, says this year was long and interesting. “We’ve had our ups and downs, but mostly very interesting.” He has a connection with math teacher Mr. Strickland, as both of their fraternities began in the same year. 

Ms. Trelles, culinary professor, states that the school year was successful, with great students overall. To her, the theatre, chorus, and fashion club all stand out. The best part of the year, she said, was homecoming and the donation of a Big Green Egg oven to the culinary department. 

Mr. Hernandez, band director and professor, says it’s been a successful school year despite it only being his second year here. He’d like to thank Ms. Cid for having his back and for being supportive over the years, as well as Dr. Hueck, Ms. Bixera, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Valdes. He also mentioned senior Michael Albert, an amazing band captain that assisted him with running the program and gave the team what they needed to make them prosper. 

Chorus teacher Ms. Cid also mentions that the school year felt “normal”, and that Miami Senior High is Miami-Dade County’s best kept secret. One of her favorite moments of the school year was singing at Carnegie Hall, which she mentions was life-changing. She’d like to mention Ms. Bixera, Mr. Hernandez, Ms. Acosas, and Mr. Valdes, all for lending their support and making such activities happen so smoothly. 


The Miami High social studies department