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Living with my Baby Sister

Her first time holding her bottle

Last year on August 1, 2022, I got a baby sister named Victoria. We have a 16-year age gap, and for the last 13 months, she has been the highlight of my life.

Before Victoria Was Born

    Before Victoria was born, I was the baby of the house, but once I found out I was going to have a baby sibling, I was excited. But then I realized, I would be the complete middle child since I was the middle child in my dad’s house where I have my 2 older sisters and my 2 younger brothers. But I was still excited to have a baby sibling again. I have always wanted a baby sister since I already had a baby brother back in 2017.

    The whole time during my mom’s pregnancy I was very calm about everything and very excited about having a baby sister. I love buying her clothes, taking care of her, and having fun moments with her to remember for life. I will always be there for her, when she’s young and when she’s older. I want her always coming to me for advice or help.

After Victoria Was Born

    Once Victoria was born, I expected her to be a baby that is calm, barely cries, and sleeps most of the time, but I was wrong. For the first 3 months, she would cry nonstop, she would wake up easily, and she wasn’t calm at all. After the first 3 months, however, she started to cry less and started to reach milestones slowly.

    She has her little personality and every day with her is fun.  Every time I see her all my

The face she makes when someone says no

worries leave my mind. The thing I love about my little sister is that she is always happy around her family. Another thing is when I say yes, she moves her head up and down. Lastly,

I love when anyone says no to her, she makes this funny angry face, and if you say no multiple times she’s going to cry. The only thing I dislike about her is that if I’m eating and she sees me eating, she’s going to want some of my food.

    My mom says that Victoria and I have a connection. Most of our family members speak to her in Spanish, but when I speak to her in English, she understands everything I say, or when I put her to sleep, she falls asleep quickly with me.

    My mom asks me to take care of Victoria when my mom needs to leave for a little. At first it was only for an hour when Victoria was 4-5 months old, but now she trusts me to take care of Victoria for the whole day since she’s older now and it’s easier to understand what she needs and wants.

Watching Victoria Achieve Her Milestones

    When watching Victoria achieve her milestones, I realized the milestones that matter the most are lifting her head up, sitting up, crawling, standing, and then walking. Watching her reach her important milestones made me feel like time was going by so fast, because at first, she was sitting up, then she was crawling, and now she is trying to stand up and walk alone.

    When Victoria reached her milestones like holding her own bottle, or her first smile, watching all that happen made me feel like a parent watching their kids accomplish something big.

Victoria first birthday

    A baby’s first birthday is always the most special one because it is the first time they get to

The photo I took for her first birthday

celebrate their birthday. I wanted Victoria to have a big first birthday, but my mom planned

a small one. Her birthday was going to be with her family, but I invited 3 of my friends who love her and wanted to be with her on her birthday.

    A lot of things happened on Victoria’s first birthday. She had a small photoshoot; we took photos near the cake and out in the balcony. After we sang happy birthday to her, she ended

up getting scared. She even had a smash cake (A smash cake is when a baby smashes a small cake on their first birthday), but my friends and I ended up smashing the cake for her. My family, friends, and I also unwrapped her presents for her since she was still scared.

    Even though her birthday was small, it was still fun.  Maybe for her 2nd birthday we can do a big party just for her.




5 Things Victoria likes

  • Me
  • Our mom
  • Her dad
  • Both her grandmas
  • Food

1 Thing Victoria dislikes

  • When people say NO to her
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