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3,000+ Students at Miami High

Is this too much?
Miami High is so crowded it needs 2 pep rallies to fit all students in the gym.



  The hallways are crowded, the lunch lines are endless, and the bathrooms are packed. All are due to the exponential rise of students at Miami Senior High.  

    According to the attendance office, there are 3,000+ kids currently enrolled in our school! Are there too many kids at Miami High? 

    School administrators such as assistant principal Mr. Zabala, principal Mr. Valdes, CSI director Mr. Miranda all disagreed that there are too many kids at Miami High.  Mr. Valdes stated, “The operation of the school goes according to the plan that is in place whether we have 2,500, 2,800 or 3,000. We are over capacity, but for as much as we are over capacity, the operation of the school has gone well. 

   Big A, who monitors the main entrance of the school building, states, “I don’t think there’s too many kids at Miami High.  In fact, we need more kids.” 

   Nevertheless, some students are still complaining.  

   The time it takes to get your lunch from the cafeteria, for example, varies. Freshman Samantha Acevedo claimed, “The time you get your lunch depends on the time you show up. If you show up early, you’ll get it in 5 minutes. If you show up on time, you’ll get it in 10 minutes, but if you show up late, it’ll take the entire lunch.”  

    Some students, like Melanie Lumbi, a junior agree it takes the whole lunch while others claim it takes 10-20 minutes to get their food. 

   The time it takes for the vending machines varies on the time of the day you show up.  Freshman Andrew claims it takes 20 minutes in the vending machine line.  

    “I see how long the line is during lunch and I don’t even go,” claims an anonymous male sophomore.   

    Some students prefer to show up to the vending machines during passing time.  “It’s hard because teachers don’t even let you out,” claims sophomore Chris Fuentes .  

    So, depending on if you show up during class, passing period, or lunch, it takes a while. 


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