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Living with my Baby Brother

This was Lucas when he was one years old.

    I can’t imagine life without my baby brother, Lucas Reyna. He was born on August 7, 2021. He has been my best friend ever since then. Lucas is a fun, energetic, and funny little boy. 


My mom’s pregnancy 

     My mom’s pregnancy was a little hard for her since she suffers from asthma. She states, “Some nights sleeping would be hard because I’d be out of breath.” Since my brother was unexpected, my parents had many things to do to prepare for the baby. They had to start over after already having two teenage daughters. They did not know what to expect but they knew he would be their entire world. 


First Few months 

      My brother was born a few weeks early, so he had to stay in the hospital longer than most newborns. During this time, my mom suffered extreme separation anxiety. He then got a urinary tract infection which added a few more weeks to his stay. His first few months were hard. He had many stomach problems and needed a specific formula which was expensive and hard to find. Thankfully after my parents got the milk with the help of my grandfather, my brother was a healthy baby. 


First Birthday 

    The day he turned one I could not believe it. The time went by so fast. His first few months were hard, but I know my parents and I would not trade it for the world. Having two siblings is hard, especially when you are the oldest like I am. I must take on a lot of responsibility and patience which thankfully I have. 


Tough Times with my Brother 

    Soon after that first birthday on September 28, 2022, my mom suffered from an unbelievably bad asthma attack, which led to her being in an induced coma. That month was the worst month of my life. I could not go to school, and I had to raise a one-year-old baby at 15 years of age.  

    Finally on October 16, 2022, my mom was discharged. Life after that was still hard because my mom needed a lot of physical therapy and doctor visits. But thankfully we got our mom back alive and healthy. 


Not so Terrible Two’s 

  Since my brother Lucas turned two, he has been talking nonstop. He speaks almost full sentences and he’s the funniest little boy I know. He has the best relationship with me, and I’m like his second mom. I would not trade my baby for the world.  

This was my brother a few hours after birth.
Lucas when he went to the Christmas Park.
My brother when he visited Aruba.
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