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A Dive into Beach Bunny’s Rhythms

Beach Bunny band photo: Anthony Vaccaro (Lead Guitar). Jon Alvarado (Drums), Matt Henkets (Former Guitarist), Lili Trifilio (Main Vocalist)

  Beach Bunny is a Chicago based indie-rock band, formed in 2015 by their main vocalist and guitarist, Lili Trifilio, who started out as a solo project before adding her now-present band members. They’ve had exponential growth in popularity from their most popular song: “Prom Queen”, the title track from their 2018 Prom Queen EP and “Cloud 9”, a song from their 2020 Honeymoon album, for its catchy verses and how one can relate to it on TikTok. It’s the reason young women have gained such a liking with Beach Bunny: Their songs are relatable and present universal struggles in a refreshing, visceral way through the strong emotions they incorporate in each song they create. 

Honeymoon Album 

   Beach Bunny released their album Honeymoon on February 14, 2020. The band expresses the insecurities one can have in a relationship and having constant self-doubt of never fulfilling her partner’s expectations. Written during a period of “intense heartbreak” for Trifilio, Honeymoon depicts an emotional upswing from start to finish. 

    In an interview with Consequence of Sound magazine, Trifilio describes the theme of the song, “Ms. California” as “whiny jealousy.” This upbeat track reflects the immaturity of wanting what one can’t have through the story of a girl who wants to be with someone who’s already taken. Ms. California is the girl with the guy you keep chasing after, again and again, and wanting to be like her just to get the person you want. Trifilio glorifies the girl Ms. California and admits, “I wish I was her,” while teasing, “And everything’s better in California.” 

    Lili found herself most connected with “Promises”, the opening track of the album. This song means a lot to her as it was written during a difficult time. “Promises” lets her emotions pour out, allowing her to get through her situation and move on. 

   “Cloud 9,” the closing track of the album, is a youthful cliche about the light and airy feeling of being in love. Trifilio describes the way a significant other’s reassurance and compliments can be more grounding than flattering as she sings, “But when he loves me, I feel like I’m floating / When he calls me pretty, I feel like somebody.” In Beach Bunny’s official music video of “Cloud 9”, you can see how her persona acts throughout the song, giving the lyrics more life. It’s a bittersweet end to the album, allowing the listener to have moments to reflect on oneself to better one’s own relationship.  

Blame Game EP 

   The Blame Game EP was released on January 15, 2021, containing topics of sexism and toxic masculinity. In an interview with Fender, a YouTube channel that allows artists around the world to gain recognition through a three-song set, Lili Trifilio explains the meaning behind “Nice Guys”. She wrote it about the way people in the dating scene can act one way and expect something in return. Sick of the behavior, she incorporated her own experiences into a song, to “roast these kinds of people.” 

   On Genius, a  website including various song meanings and interpretations, you can find the meanings on the songs of the Blame Game EP. “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” is the lead single from Beach Bunny’s fifth EP Blame Game, described by songwriter Lili Trifilio as a “sassy song that calls out players by talking down to them as if they were children, showing that poor communication skills and mind games are immature.” People can relate to the feeling of getting cheated on and feeling used by someone you deeply care for. 

   The music video for “Good Girls” is set in a video game. Lili is portrayed as a game character, surrounded by guys holding controllers to emphasize the point she’s making; toy around with her in a childish manner. Near the end of the song, Lili smashes everything around her to show how she’s over the way guys toy around with her emotions like a toddler playing with building blocks. She stands up for herself in the one-sided relationship. 

   In “Blame Game”, the title track, Lili Trifilio states it was a song that wrote itself. She lets all her anger out causing the verses to sound more like a chant at a protest. “Yeah, it’s my problem, I’m asking for it / Guess you’re the victim and I’m the suspect,” she says in a defeated tone. It brings to light the way men view women as an object they can easily take advantage of, just like the majority of the songs in her EP. 

Emotional Creature Album 

Beach Bunny in Concert

   On July 22, 2022, Beach Bunny released their sophomore album to the public: Emotional Creature. Throughout the 12 tracks on their album, her lyrics narrate a path of self-discovery and the nature of human emotions. They incorporate many elements of pop while continuing to stick to their punk music style every now and then between each song. 

   The opening track is called “Entropy”. The lyrics hint at the approaching fall of things by expressing a sense of chaos.  In the song, Beach Bunny skillfully illustrates the emotional fragility that often accompanies the breaking of bonds by using the idea of entropy as a metaphor for the unpredictable nature of love. Entropy can be defined as a slow descent toward chaos. The Beach Bunny song discusses a relationship or feeling that’s supposed to be kept hidden but can’t because it’s too intense. This song expresses how you want everyone to know that you love someone, yet you’re at risk of being rejected. 

   Lili said, “As soon as this song was written, I was like, ‘OK, I want this album to have a happy ending.’ It really is just a sweet love song that I wanted to write with intention. It’s this big moment and that ties in all the themes. ‘Love Song’ feels like a reflection on all of the hard moments [in a relationship], but at the end, love perseveres and everything’s OK.” 

How much one can relate 

   Many fans can relate to Beach Bunny’s music because of its honest and realistic lyrics. The group excels at encapsulating shared feelings and experiences. Their music, which combines rock and indie pop elements to create memorable tunes, also adds to their widespread appeal.         

   Listeners who find solace and empathy in the common situations depicted in Beach Bunny’s songs connect with the band because of the genuineness of their storytelling and the emotional honesty of their music. 

   Jeremoople, under one of their YouTube videos, commented, “These songs are going to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me, the theme of unapologetically expressing emotion and loudly opening your heart stood out. As someone who habitually holds in emotions, that hit hard.” 

     @Mista_ezra on twitter said that he loves Beach Bunny because their music is depressing in a beautiful way. 

Lyrical Impact on a Teenagers Mind 

   The effects of Beach Bunny on teenagers come in many ways. Their songs frequently touch on universal adolescent experiences and feelings, such as love, heartbreak, and self-discovery.  

   Teens may feel more at ease and understood because of this relatability, which helps them feel less alone in their challenges. Young listeners feel more self-assured and unique because of Beach Bunny’s open lyrics. The band’s ability to navigate personal and emotional themes in a genuine way fosters a connection, potentially serving as a source of support for those going through similar experiences. 

    @grrrl.pusher on YouTube under their music video “Ms. California” commented, “Beach Bunny has definitely become very near and dear to my heart. Their music is filled with a lot of heart break, which makes it easy to relate to and connect with. It’s music like theirs that makes me feel a little less alone when I do struggle with body image, mental illness, low self-esteem, etc.” 

    Melanie Villatorio, a sophomore and fan of Beach Bunny of 2 years, said the way Lili conveys longing through her music is very touching and relatable. 

   Teens can find that listening to Beach Bunny’s upbeat and catchy music is pleasurable and good, since it provides them with a soundtrack for different stages in their lives or an escape. Ultimately, the band’s influence comes from its capacity to emotionally and personally connect with young listeners, molding both their musical experiences and how they view the world. 


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