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Kiara Sanchez’s Journey to Success

Sophomore Kiara Sanchez working at her uncle’s barber shop.


  Sophomore Kiara Sanchez is both a hairstylist and a hardworking student at Miami Senior High. 

Glimpse into the hair industry  

    Ever since Kiara was young, she enjoyed watching braiding videos on YouTube. Her uncle suggested that she start working at the barbershop he owns, and her older brother motivated her to begin taking clients to braid hair.  

    One of the significant challenges she faced was communication. She shared, “Making conversation with my clients and being shy, especially since they are mostly adults, was difficult.”  

   Over the years, Kiara learned to improve her communication skills, gaining confidence and becoming accustomed to interacting with different types of people. 

    A memorable success for Kiara has been her business. “Even though I’m young, my business is well-known.  I service plenty of people and that is very consistent,” she said.  

    One of Kiara’s goals is to open her own hair salon and provide her clients with high-quality services. “I know I can achieve this goal by continuing the hard work and dedication I put into my business daily,” she said.     

   Some advice she offers is to always be dedicated, not fear anyone’s opinion on what you want to do, simply work towards that goal, and most importantly, be patient. 

   Kiara looks up to her mom as her biggest role model. She admires her for being hardworking and strong, always able to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Her family constantly expresses how proud they are of Kiara and her accomplishments, especially her dedication and hard work she puts into her business. Kiara is grateful for the support and encouragement her family gives. 


Student Chronicles 

    Kiara is part of the Honoria club, sponsored by Mr. Pimentel. She finds it engaging because of the meetings and the activities they do together.  

   She said, “It’s like having more siblings besides my own. I enjoy being a part of it.” She describes Honoria as a welcoming space where she feels free to express herself.  

   Assistant principal Mr. Arscott and security guard Alex are big influences on Kiara. They consistently support her in her business, providing suggestions and constant motivation to strive for her goals.  

   As for juggling school and her business it can be challenging for Kiara, but she strives to finish her school tasks either during school hours or in tutoring. 


Future Plans 

   Kiara sees her business growing and being successful. Regarding personal growth, she envisions herself healthy and in a strong position with the relationships she has with the people around her and for her future career.  

    Her goal for the future is to own her own salon, be a licensed cosmetologist, and a barber. She plans to accomplish these goals by continuing the hard work, dedication, and perseverance. 

   Kiara’s main focus right now is to grow clientele and to improve her hair cutting skills since, as of right now, she is working on getting her name out so her business can be very known and financially saving to be able to open her own salon. 


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