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Class of 2020, A Sting with Vision: Daniela Banon

Our validvactorian, Daniela Banon, stands at the peak of Miami High, setting the bar of academic excellence and community involvement.
February 26, 2020

2020 has been a remarkable senior class, filled with outstanding students who have promising futures ahead. One extraordinary sting tops the ranking: Daniela Banon. With a 4.929 weighted GPA, and an extensive...

AP VS DE: Is DE Easier Than AP?

AP VS DE: Is DE Easier Than AP?
December 13, 2019

“AP or Dual Enrollment?” is the question many students have during subject selection. Miami High offers 17 Advanced Placement (AP) classes, as well as 9 Dual Enrollment (DE) classes (two courses in...

AP Psychology: Baby Invasion

In Advanced Placement Psychology, students are to create and care for a baby for two weeks!
December 20, 2016

In October, students who take AP psychology became “parents” and were required to do the baby project. “For two weeks, students had to bring their created baby to school and have it everywhere...

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