Save the Cash for the Bash


Prom King and Queen of Class of '16, Scarlet Garcia and Anthony Porras.

“OMG! Prom is right around the corner, and I still don’t have my dress.”

“I’m not going. It’s way too much money for one night.”

Senior year can be the most fun, yet the most expensive, high school year. The main senior activities are GradBash, prom, senior breakfast, and the senior field trip. The prices for these events depend on fundraising that the Class of ‘17 has done over the past three years.

The price for each event is $140 for GradBash, $75-85 for prom, $30-40 for senior breakfast, and $15-25 for the senior field trip. “There’s also a package,” said activities director Ms. Rivero, “which includes all of the activities at the cheaper price of ­­­­­$220.” To qualify for the package price, seniors must participate in the fundraisers, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, have good attendance, and no referrals.


Worth it?

Many seniors at Miami High believe senior expenses are worth it. Jose Hernandez said, “Money doesn’t compare to the great time you’re going to have at all these events.” Ronald Sosa said you’ll make memories with the people you love.

“It’s senior year,” said Elizabeth Davila, “and also your last shot at hanging out with friends that you might not see or talk to after high school.”

“I get to bond even more with my friends,” said Maria Maldonado, “and we also have the time of our lives.”

Other MHS seniors, however, might hold onto their money. Armani Boza said that the prices are definitely not worth it.

Diego Reyes said, “It’s cheaper to go by myself than with the school.” Similarly, Jennifer Pita said that she’d rather go with her family instead of the school.

Yieri Aparicio said “I don’t get along with anyone from school so I’m keeping my money.”


Best Activity

Many students at MHS think prom will be the most worthwhile activity. Adrian Perez said, “It’s full of students from our school, and we all have fun as a family.”

For Tiffany Orozco, prom is the night where she gets to dress up and dance the night away.

For others, GradBash is the best. “We get to leave Miami,” said Armani Boza, “and roam around freely with friends.”


Class of ’16 enjoying themselves at Grad Bash.


Parent’s money or Pocket money?

Seniors handle these expenses in different ways. Arletthe Marrero said her parents are definitely paying her way, while Hari Moreno is planning to pay with money from his job.

Nathalie Parra said, “I’m going to find a job in order to pay the expenses myself.”

Other students still want their parents’ help while helping out too. William Villata said, “I plan to split it between me and my parents.”