Homecoming 2016!

This year's homecoming theme was Video Games!

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The atmosphere is so thick with club rivalry, you can take a knife and slice it in the air. Beta, Honoria, Interact and Key are ready to show what they’re made of, the classes are holding their banners proudly, and everyone is dressed in different colors. It could very well be a circus. Homecoming 2016, themed Video Games, was one of the best.

Homecoming Parade Banner 2016


BETA Does It Again

BETA’s shield.

This year’s homecoming was very different from the others, on the day of the homecoming parade, instead of waiting until nightfall to know the winner, all clubs met up in the theatre to hear the results. Overall, in third place: Interact; in second place: Honoria; and first place: BETA for the fifth consecutive year, which has never been done before. “We made history in Miami High,” said president Carlos Moreno. “I was so happy that I proved everyone who doubted me as president and my club, wrong.”


This is Anything but a Game

Interact’s Float for Just Dance.

The homecoming parade is a tradition that only Miami Senior High has the luxury of having, and for the major clubs, picking the perfect theme to go all out in is their favorite. Interact president John Gonzalez said that Interact’s three initial choices were: Wii Carnival, Minecraft, and Spyro, before choosing Wii’s Just Dance.

“Our three original themes were Pac-Man, Angry Birds, and Donkey Kong,” said Giovanni ‘Gio’ Castillo, Honoria’s president. “We ended up going with the better choice: Donkey Kong.”

“BETA picked the Hero Series, because we wanted to think outside the box and be challenged,” said Carlos. “We had three games in one, Guitar Hero, Band Hero and DJ Hero, so combining all of them to make a rocking performance was going to be interesting.”

Hurricane Matthew’s Wrath

To junior class advisor Mr. Portuondo and his officers, the worst part of Homecoming was the parade’s delay from October 7th to the 27th due to Hurricane Matthew.

John Gonzalez said that he was relieved when he heard the Homecoming parade was being postponed. “I felt as if there was no time between picking a theme and the actual parade. Obviously everything that had to be done would’ve gotten done in the time given for the original date,” he said. “But having more time was not something Interact complained about.”

On the other hand, Carlos Moreno was disappointed that the parade was being pushed back. “BETA was ready to Rock n’ Roll on the 7th,” he said. “However, it did give us time to perfect everything we had and go even harder.”


Interacter’s danced to “Where have you been?” by Rihanna.

All Work and No Play

John said that there was a lot ready in the month that the clubs were initially given, but, “What was really cutting it close was our float, it wasn’t really ready for the 7th,” he said. “With the extra time we were able to finish Princess Peach’s castle.” John also said that interact also made more props and objects to make their performance even better.

It takes a lot of effort and team work to participate in homecoming. “It was very difficult to get the members pumped and excited for the choreography and actually attend practice,” said John. “But in the end, they pulled through.”


BETA president Carlos Moreno doing last minute tune-ups to Beta’s Guitar Hero Banner


Beta included many characters in their performance, such as the Daft Punk duo portrayed by Randy Gregorio (left) and Jeffrey Fino (right).

Carlos said that float building was a few days every week including weekends and dance practice took place weekdays

from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m and on Sundays from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. “Our dancers worked especially hard,” they said. “Learning the routines were difficult for most and practice was brutal, but worth it.”




Senior Wildny Present opened BETA’s Performance.

Senior Otto Portillo also opened BETA’s performance.










President Giovanni Castillo, posed as Mario in Honoria’s performance for Donkey Kong.

Gio said that Honoria members stayed every day from 3:30 to 7 p.m. “Everyone danced in our choreography,” he said. “And everyone who danced also helped with float building.”

Honoria’s Banner and members.






Key’s float for Pokemon.







Rosali Hernandez is Key Club’s president.


Miami High’s Got Spirit!

Britney Alpizar, junior class treasurer, was in charge of Spirit Week, which kicked off on September 29th with Wacky Tacky day. On September 30th, all stings were to represent their respective class on Class Pride day. Seniors were to wear gold, juniors were to wear navy blue, sophomores were to wear grey, and freshmen were expected to wear white.

The following Tuesday, October 4th, was “Nerd Day” and October 5th, was Dynamic Duo/Twin Day. Stings had the choice to either match with another, or come as a group of characters together.


Junior class president Ingrid Espinoza-Hueck was in charge of the Homecoming dance which was held on October 1st at The Renaissance in West Miami. “The Renaissance was a lot cheaper and nicer than the other venue options, and in 2014, the homecoming dance took place there and everyone loved it,” she said. Junior class advisor Mr. Portuondo said he wanted more of a club atmosphere for the kids, he was satisfied with the DJ, the different color lights, and effects.

The junior class officers said it took about a day and a half to prepare everything at the ballroom. All Student Government officers and the Activities Office helped with making props such as balloon ghosts, balloon Mario and Luigi, and backdrops that Stings who attended the dance could take pictures in front of.

At the Homecoming dance, Prince Randy Gregorio was crowned with Princess Helen Villareal. Prince Headly Cash was crowned with Princess Crystal Cubillos. Prince Pablo Iraheta was crowned with Princess Cassandra Cardenas. Prince Kelvin Cash was crowned with Lianet Garcia; and Prince Olvin Villatoro was crowned with Princess Jenny Corbea.

Kick-off at Homecoming Game

Homecoming King Pablo Iraheta and Queen Crystal Cubillos strike a pose.

The Kings of Blue and Gold at the Homecoming parade.

Class of 2018 Historian Kelin Escobar, who was in charge of royalty had to make sure that the order for the crowns/tiaras, sashes, and scepters were on time,” she said. “Princes and princesses had to be crowned at the dance, and given their hand made tags.”

At the homecoming game took place on October 13th at Curtis Park where the Stings went up against the Palmetto Panthers but lost 14-41.  During halftime, King Pablo Iraheta and his Queen Crystal Cubillos were crowned.

Queen Crystal Cubillos said she was stunned. “While walking on the field, I was nervous and shaking,” she said. “When I won, I felt fortunate that my senior class voted me as their queen. I was extremely humbled and grateful.”

King Pablo Iraheta said winning homecoming king was a feeling like no other, and was the perfect way to kick off his senior year.

Crystal Cubillos, crowned Homecoming Queen, is also Miami High’s Varsity Cheer-leading team’s co-captain.

Dr. Hueck, BETA’s advisor going all out rocking!











Bringing Back Tradition?

Senior Pablo Iraheta, crowned Homecoming King, was one of Beta’s Kiss Band members.

   Many are saying that homecoming will be completely different starting next year, Mr. Portuondo wants

to assure everyone that homecoming isn’t going to change, but things from the past are going to be brought back. “When we went under construction, Miami High lost a lot of its traditions and rules when it came to homecoming,” he said.

Back in the day, homecoming themes would be chosen two weeks in advance before the parade happened. “This might be something we’ll bring back,” said Mr. Portuondo. Also, in the contract there will be regulations on floats regarding height and width. “Not only do I want to bring tradition back, but I also want to level out the playing field for everyone,” he said.


Anime Nation’s theme was Legend of Zelda.

Best Buddies, a new club at Miami High’s theme was Pac-Man.







Cicolo Italiano’s theme was Papa’s Pizzeria.


The varsity cheer-leading team performed with the Million Dollar Band at the parade.









Interact’s Just Dance Props


Gay Straight Alliance’s theme was Color Switch.


Student Government Association’s theme was Space Invaders.


Hosa club presents Operation.








Class of 2017 senior officers presented: Angry Birds!

The Class of 2017 Presents Banner with some special seniors.

Technological Student Association presents Final Fantasy.

National Honor Society presents Clash of Clans.

Future Business Leaders of America presents Sonic the Hedgehog.

Law and Leadership Honor Society presents Ace Attorney.

Thespians Drama Club Presents: Kirby.

BETA’s Kanye was portrayed by junior Darius Wilson.

BETA’s rockers danced to “We Will Rock You” and “Party Like a Rock Star”

Honoria’s Mario and Princess Peach.

Honoria’s Donkey Kong was portrayed by senior Amaya Napoles (middle)