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Students Set Goals for Next Year

Christian Olivera writing his goals for the 2017-2018 school year

Christian Olivera writing his goals for the 2017-2018 school year

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Although students are excited that this school year is almost over, they also have a lot of expectations for the 2017-2018 school year.

Sophomore Maria Torres said, “Next school year I hope to pass all my exams such as ACT and SAT, have good grades, and make a lot of friends.”


Junior Oscar Monserrat hopes to be able to graduate from high school without anything standing in his way.

10th grade Joao Freitas plans to move to Boston next year because his mom is there and he wants to be next to her. Bruno Espanol plans to get into a pilot course next year.

Sophomore Christian Olivera wants to be more active and pay more attention in class because he is going to be a junior next year.

Junior Paola Ramos said, “I hope to improve on my grades, challenging myself even more than this year and do better in all my classes”

Sophomore Roxana Gutierrez said that she wants to be able to keep her grades up. “This year I had a rough time. My grades went down, and when I realized, this school year was almost over so now I can’t do anything to improve those grades, but this coming year I’m more determined to raise my GPA, get better grades, and be more focused,” she said.

Like Roxana, many students have faced difficulties during this school year. “Passing biology and geometry have been a challenge to me. I really don’t like those classes” said sophomore Patricia Santiago

“Leaving my country Colombia to come to United States to live without my mom has been the most difficult challenge to me beside learning English,” said freshman Diana Velasquez

Having a goal throughout the school year is a good way to measure where you are at the end of the year, compared to the beginning of the year because students have goals that they want to achieve. “This school year I did not do well as I expected, I think it has been a very difficult year full of exams that are required to graduate, but for the coming year I hope to achieve everything that I couldn’t do this year,” said sophomore Orlin Muñoz.

Freshmen Ana Aguilar said, “This year I didn’t pass my FSA because I didn’t put 100% of my effort, and I am hoping to pass it next year.”

Junior Teresa Gonzales said, “This school year I couldn’t get out of ESOL, and the next year I want to be out of ESOL because I already have 5 years in this country. I also want to be around students that speak to me in English so that way I can learn more with them.”

Some students plan to join a sport or a club in the following year. Sophomore Christian Olivera wants to be part of Key Club to be part of that experience.

Freshmen Ana Aguilar and Pedro Hernandez want to join Honoria because they want to be involved in something at school, and because they want to live that experience.

Bruno Espanol who would like to be in Beta because is the best club at MHS.

Sophomore Patricia Santiago said that she wants to be in a sport next year, and that she was unable to do it this year because she thought it was difficult.

Freshman Julio Martinez want to be in the boys’ soccer team next year because this year he did not have enough time to stay in the practices. Freshman Roberto Alvarez wants to join the boys baseball team because this year he was not informed about where he needed to ask to be part of the team.


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